Say, About that “Most Disgusting Troglodytes on the Internet” Prize…

Yesterday, those paying attention to both DoD and LGF could have caught something.  First, from the tail end of LGF #40020:

Yes, those commenters like Keith Mahone (aka Charles Martel)…


“Charles Martel”:

(in yesterday’s batch)

(Hat Tip: Beed.)


Update: I thought we’d leak another document, so I hereby present the “Charles Martel” file: charles martel comments

BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 7000-7999

…and we keep rollin’ on:

In this batch, we see more hints of Johnson’s increasing popularity in the blogosphere (, 7561_LGF_On_Dennis_Prager_Show), as well as the increasing vitriol in those aforementioned anti-Muslim thread titles (7370_Religion_of_Poisonous_Syringes, 7505_Religion_of_Bomb_and_Anthrax_Threats, 7878_Religion_of_Child_Murderers, etc.). Otherwise, a quick scan of 7000-7999 doesn’t result in anything too particularly interesting (let me know in the comments), other than the fact that the span only includes one missing thread.

Oh, and one Nekama’s Troll Hammer (comment 19 in #7856):

(yes, those are retroactive updings)

The list, for reference:
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Gus should be asking for a job

Human Leach Gus 802 thinks he’s important. He tweets organizations thinking that they care what his opinion is. Gush has fallen for the delusion that Charles Johnson and anyone associated with LGF can influence events. He tweets various companies to stop advertising from Rush Limbaugh.

Gus should be tweeting these companies for a job. Instead Gus lives off friends and family like the bum he is. His name should be Gusano, that’s Spanish for worm. Although worms have more uses than he does in the world.

To show you the low life he is, he gloats because more companies stop advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s show.

Gus probably thinks he had something to so with it. Gus, get a job!