Hoosier Hoops is in love

Hoosier Hoops is one of the most pathetic figures on the internet. He hangs out at a hateful, bigoted blog ran by a washed up guitarist and failed programmer. Even worse, Hoosier Hoops changed his political views to please Charles Johnson. Being the loser he is, Hoops comments about being in love. He also brags about how he was close to get lucky.

Clearly Hoosier Hoops rarely hooks up with women. That’s why he is discussing this event with great glee. Hoosier could be making it up as well. Either way, he’s a loser shut-in like his idol Charles Johnson.

Charles lies about Mitt Romney’s Ford Field speech and praises Pat Buchanan

Charles Johnson definitely has a lying problem. He does posts that are outright inventions and claims them as facts. His latest smear on Mitt Romney involves a speech he made hosted by the Detroit Economic Club. Originally Romney was going to speak at a hotel conference room but it was sold out and past capacity. So he moved his speech to Ford Field since that was the only other venue available. Charles lies and implies that he couldn’t fill the stadium.

Charles was called out on this lie.

Realizing their mentor is caught in a lie, the Loozards move the goal post.

Mr. Hammer doesn’t let up with the facts.

Despite this link, Chuck’s minions keep spinning and moving goal post. Charles never addresses Mr. Hammer’s facts. Instead, the Sage of Culver City brags about his latest technical achievement.

LGF, a blog once known for fact checking, is now a cesspool of hate, conspiracy theories and lies. Charles Johnson ignores Mr. Hammer because he knows this commentator is speaking the truth and has facts on his side. If Chuck engages him, the result will be a humiliating smack down. Charles Johnson is a compulsive liar who gets away with it because he lives in a cocoon.

In a bonus for this Saturday afternoon, another ironic post. Charles Johnson always screams about Conservatives and their alleged links to White Supremacists and bigots. Yet he did a post praising the bigoted Pat Buchanan for criticism the Republican Party. Charles even called him a voice of sanity.

So now Pat Buchanan is sane because he criticized the GOP? All the bigotry this vile filth has spouted over the years about Jews and Hispanics and his sympathetic views towards Hitler are forgiven in the world of Chuck. Charles Johnson’s intellectual dishonesty knows no limits. He will even praise people he claims to oppose. Charles is a despicable lying excuse for a man.