The Race Detective displays some honesty!

Honesty doesn’t come naturally to the Race Detective. The Pikachu look alike is a known liar and conspiracy monger. Once in a while he inadvertently says the truth without realizing it!

The Race Detective has had his minions, like Killgore Trout and Hoosier Hoops, plant racist comments at other sites. The Boiler Room Crew has busted the Pikachu clone for inflating his view counts and tweets. As for his meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood, he has an online Jihadist who posts violent comments on a daily basis and has had an admitted jihadist post guest posts at LGF ( The Race Detective does support the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda. As for any ties with Axelrod, he’s too low on the totem pole to even get recognition from the White House.

Although the Race Detective makes this comment as a joke it was very truthful. Charles, try to be honest more!

The Race Detective discovers racist comments about Whitney Houston

The Race Detective makes a huge discovery again! At the Fox News article about Whitney Houston, he discovers racist comments. What’s odd is that I have seen Whitney Houston threads at various Conservative sites. Not once have I seen racist sentiments directed toward the death of Ms. Houston. But as we know, the Race Detective has henchmen like Killgore Trout and Hoosier Hoops who plant racist comments. Once again, The Race Detective is “tipped” off by posters and discovers racist comments!

How convenient Chuck always finds these comments. No normal person goes around news sites looking for racist comments. Aways thinking he has a big break, the washed up blogger claims his story is going viral on twitter!

The Race Detective thinks he has a huge story that will restore him to prominence. It has never occurred to Chuck, that many of those re-tweets are people laughing at his bogus story.The truth is most people know Chuck is planting comments. The Race Detective is just an object of online ridicule.


Charles Johnson doesn’t care about DOD

The poster known as “Charles Johnson” over at LGF is always looking over his shoulder at this Blog. On a daily basis, we point out the hatred and hypocrisy of “Charles Johnson” and LGF. Yet, he claims to not care about what we say!

Yeah Right Chuck.  Not even your minions believe that!