Open Question: What is LGF’s Current “Banning Level”?

Now that the BRC has released the registration stats, we thought it might make sense to follow with a resurrection of a Johnson comment that rests in the “hidden” portion of the LGF archives. The following is from back in a day when insta-banishment wasn’t something that was celebrated:

This is a screencap that can be tossed around, and rubbed in some faces, because we know that if we fast-forward to 2012, the current level is much, much higher than 0.02%. Certainly, it is high enough to preclude Johnson from bringing it up voluntarily like this. These days, we’re guessing it would take some arm-twisting.

Given the current environment of sock hunts and troll “roastings”, a more interesting question might actually be whether a current loozard would have the temerity to ask. But we probably know the answer to that one.

Nevertheless, I think this is worth pressing. Tweet and retweet, spread the word.

In the meantime, we might as well give it a whirl, right?

OK, well, we know that the level is at least 12%, since we have a confirmed list of 4,253 blocked accounts that Engineer no. 2 grabbed nearly a year ago, and we just mentioned that the total accounts currently sit at ~35,580.

Unfortunately, this is where our conjecture begins. Here’s what else we know:

The ~4200 banned nics was the total gleaned from a sample of ~20,000 nics about a year ago. Assuming that this is a statistically sound sample we should deduce that the overall level should be closer to 21%.


The sample we grabbed represents nearly all the accounts that have registered at least one comment*. Lurker accounts and stunt socks weren’t included, due to the methodology. So, I suppose the debate could swing either way on how this effects our findings.

But maybe CJ will just give us an update, yeah?

*According to our data, ~37% of all LGF registered accounts have never commented.


Update: We’re embarrassed to say it, and I can’t believe that nobody checked CJ’s math there, but 381/15000 = 0.0254 = ~2.5%.  Johnson was only off by 100x (which is probably par for the course with regard to LGF’s statistics)

Charles calls Conservatives Cavemen

Charles Johnson loves to engage in self-righteous indignation. Chuck is always decrying hate on Rightwing blogs, yet as we have pointed out time after time, LGF is a blog of hate. The hate is led by Charles himself. The Online Nazi Hunter calls Conservatives cavemen!

Charles engages in hateful rhetoric. He needs to look in the mirror before he accuses others of hateful blog comments. Then again, I would feel bad for any mirror that has to reflect that evil, soulless Casper look alike.