Charles focuses on Ron Paul’s showing in Nevada

Charles Johnson’s obsession with Ron Paul clouds everything for him. Rather than discussing Romney’s win in Nevada, Chuck focuses on Ron Paul’s showing.

Ron Paul lives in what’s left of Charles Johnson’s brain.


178 Comments on “Charles focuses on Ron Paul’s showing in Nevada”

  1. Minnow says:

    should that be “focuses”?

  2. Minnow says:

    Charles Johnson…. where have I heard that name before? Was he related to Samuel Johnson?

  3. garycooper says:

    Minnow :Charles Johnson…. where have I heard that name before? Was he related to Samuel Johnson?

    He used to have a blog, back around 2004. He used to play jazz guitar, back in the Seventies. I heard he got really fat, and went insane.

  4. garycooper says:

    Hi, Buffalo Bill. 😐

    • Clayton Carp says:

      I like clogging up threads by posting under two different names and having conversations with myself!

      I learned that from The Big Boned Hippie-Retro Blogger of Ages and my hero, Charles Johnson!

  5. Bagua says:

    What did Ron Paul show?

    Surely not his wiener?

  6. Bagua says:

    If the idiots Paul and Santorum dropped out Gingrich would be winning. Instead we get Romney.

    Still favouring ABO, even Micky Mouse, but Gingrich would be pick #1.

  7. MrPaulRevere says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul was just seen boarding a flight to Brussells. And he was smoking a cigarette.

    • mchblazer says:

      Holding his cigarette between his index and middle finger too, just like the Nazis did in those old b&w WW II movies from the 40’s and 50’s.

      If that ain’t proof Ron Paul is a sooper-sekret crypto-Nazi, nothing is.

  8. P. Ness Lowell says:

    Ron Paul lives in what’s left of Charles Johnson’s brain.

    Ew ew ew…

  9. MrPaulRevere says:

    Behold the political wisdom of the lizard king:

    Charles Sat, Feb 4, 2012 6:27:14pm


    re: #75 Shiplord Kirel

    Well, if you follow the principles of libertarianism all the way to their logical end, cannibalism is just another choice made by free men.

  10. garycooper says:

    I wonder what Pam did tonight, Chunky, while you were thumping your forehead towards Mecca, with a donkey on your back helping out with the rhythm. Prayin’ and brayin’, on a Sat’dy night. Bet she was working on her next bestseller.

  11. MrPaulRevere says:

    Claytonia Sibirica :
    I may be awesome, but I’m never pretentious!

    You sound like another pot smoking wierdo that talks a lot but says very little. The perfect lizard.

    • Lily says:

      Word. Not to mention it drops it’s petals everywhere and doesn’t pick them up but it thinks it is sooooo awesome!
      As Calo mention’s above it’s writing skills are poor. 😎

  12. MrPaulRevere says:

    Claytonia Sibirica :
    I may be awesome, but I’m never pretentious!

    You are an extremely strange person who adds nothing to the dialouge here. Throwing turds on the wall is not appreciated.

    • Minnow says:

      Be careful – if you square the little bitch off – you must deal with Bagua.

      Apparently, this goes with the territory,

      • ThreeHundred says:

        Hey, at least Dorian doesn’t post much here…then you would have to deal with both him and Bagua!

    • Clayton Carp says:

      Then I’ll switch to my other persona and clog this thread up with a different type of inane blathering.

      Watch as I try to get Bagua angry at me!

    • Claytonia Sibirica says:

      yes throwing turds on the wall is totally not appreciated on a blog dedicated to throwing turds.

      Your consistency and logic are mindboggling!

  13. Minnow says:

    Oh hai Bagua!

    Let me lick you from head to toe!

    • Minnow says:

      so that you feel REALLY good about your fat self!!!



      • Lily says:

        Oh please…..Bagua has no love for the flower….

        /by the way where is that ‘you have to be nice to people’ thingy you said on the other thread. Right now you are not exactly being nice. Why do you lie?

  14. Clayton Carp says:


    That’ll be sure to get Bagua riled up!

    It’s lonely and boring down here in the basement…… 😥

  15. Pakimon says:

    Esmerelda County may have went for Ron Paul but these football experts went for The N.Y. Giants! 😆

    • ThreeHundred says:

      Esmerelda County might be chock-full of rabid isolationists, but Chuck, politics makes strange have more in common with Ron Paul than you think…e.g, your mossberg ‘fort’ and (shrinking) army of sychophants.

  16. garycooper says:

    I predict Chunky will not have an IPO to rival that of Facebook this year. Still rebuilding a bit, after the ideological conversion. Analysts are bullish on his site’s prospects for a HUGE recovery, citing such factors as the commercial-free experience that is available for a fee, his slowly-growing presence in the Twitter world, and the quaint, ’80’s-retro feel of the underlying programming, said to have been written on a vintage Compaq. “Buggy is in!” Or so squeal his admirers, still very few but poised for a breakout season.

  17. Gabb E. Haze says:

    “Peep” is what I do!

    I like watching Iceweasel use her strap-on to punish those who do not show the genius blog master Charles the proper respect!.

    I saw her “puncture” Ms. Ssssss with it and Ludwig was so furious!

    It’s more fun than pretending to be a flower or a fish when spamming the stalker site!

    I’m using multiple sock puppets to teach the stalkers a lesson! See how they like it!

    I’ll just keep changing sock puppets and maybe I can get banned from here and then I can go back to LGF and everyone will think I’m awesome and pay attention to me instead of ignoring me!

    I’m so lonely…..

    Somebody! Anybody! Give me attention. 😥

  18. rightymouse says:

    Charles has such odd obsessions. 🙄

  19. Are you guys excited for tonight’s thread? 🙂

    It’s ready to go, so I was thinking about just scheduling it for when I thought the game might be over. But since the timing of that is a little hard to predict, I think I’m going to manually post it up once the clock hits 0:00. OK?

  20. TreBob says:

    MrPaulRevere :
    Behold the political wisdom of the lizard king:
    Charles Sat, Feb 4, 2012 6:27:14pm

    Well, if you follow the principles of libertarianism all the way to their logical end, cannibalism is just another choice made by free men.

    I thought that this was one of the weirdest things I had ever read, however a quick trip to Google yields Charles’ debate buddy on this theory.

    • rightymouse says:

      My husband is a libertarian and he would disagree that incest, polygamy and cannabalism can be defended under the guise of liberty because there is such a thing as social order and the protection of property/families/children. Even this guy waffled on every issue except polygamy, which is curious, because I can’t imagine him being so generous with a wife who wanted more than one partner. Many people who call themselves libertarians are actually anarchistic in their views.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      If the person being eaten is OK with it, I’m OK with it…..

      Is this really something society has to worry about except maybe 3 times a century?

    • P. Ness Lowell says:

      I think Chuck has a vocabulary problem. Somebody told him that libertarian means anarchist.


  21. beed says:

    Where all them flowers at? They said DoD would be like Holland in the spring.

  22. P. Ness Lowell says:

    Protest hockey!!!

    Take that, Michael Mann.

  23. So, Charles Johnson of .0001 lgf’s and Ron Paul are anti war kooks, whats new.

  24. Macker says:

    P. Ness Lowell :

    Ron Paul lives in what’s left of Charles Johnson’s brain.

    Ew ew ew…

    I think that would depend on the actual location of ‘selrahC brain….

  25. beed says:

    I’m rooting for the Indianapolis Super Bowl tonight. Go Indianapolis!

  26. garycooper says:

    This is my new favorite Pats-fan:

    Brady is the guy living my real life, so I have to root for him, but I have a feeling the G-Men will make it very difficult. Hope it comes down to a last-minute drive again.

  27. snowcrash says:

    Anyone know where the Puppy Bowl puppies come from?

  28. ISTE says:

    It’s Sunny Day again!

  29. Claytonia Sibirica says:

    ISTE :
    Where is Clay?

    you called?!

  30. Claytonia Sibirica says:

    I was thinking of changing my name and making my avatar this

    now, but I really like that damn flower.

  31. Bagua says:

    ISTE :
    It’s Sunny Day again!

    Changing your gravatar to a flower is teh ghey!

    I’m laughing at you.

  32. Bagua says:

    What time is the kickoff?

  33. snowcrash says:

    Lucas Oil Stadium isn’t nearly as beautiful as Cowboys Stadium.

  34. snowcrash says:

    That Dictator movie looks hilarious.

  35. beed says:

    Is it over yet? Who won? Did Neon Deon score? I bet he did.

  36. From earlier, I think I set a new record for the shortest-lived hatchling:

  37. ISTE says:

    97 b_sharp
    Sun, Feb 5, 2012 3:43:27pm

    re: #96 talon_262

    We know, but you know that her and her sycophants will take and use anything to paint Charles and LGF in a bad light, especially if it’s not grounded in reality.

    Yah, that’s why I asked it be removed after you pointed the reality out. Sometimes I just don’t think.

    That is why we screen cap things, you misogynistic sack of shit.

    • beed says:

      Wow. What a bastard. Not only does he hate pussy – he discriminates them as well.

      All women are pretty, I say.

      • John Difool says:

        “all women are pretty I say”

        Helen Thomas and you should get up sometime.

      • beed says:

        Is Helen Thomas like the eternal trump card for women’s ugliness? I don’t think so.

        Maybe you should find a different place for hating on women.

      • John Difool says:

        You said “all women” which would also include the likes of Rosie O’Donkey, Rosanne Barr and the female version of Iggy Pop, Mandrea Mitchell, not me. Don’t get pissed at me because you didn’t put an asterisk or a disclaimer in there.

        However I understand….I guess you can’t get too picky about women when you live above the arctic circle in an igloo.

      • beed says:

        Listen. We have established that a) you hate women, b) yet you sport a lower back tattoo, and c) you are pretty racist towards arctic people, and I’m not even going to mention d) your ass antlers.

        Maybe you should watch the game instead?

      • John Difool says:

        Pretty hard to hate women when I’ve been happilly married for twenty years……to a woman. Also I am watching the game……….I just posted this from my Kindle Fire sitting in front and center of my 60″watching the game, drinking an Amberbock. Being a superior to the rest of the world American has its perks

        You Mad Bro ?

      • beed says:

        Nope. Tried to get you going, but you did well. I still declare victory though.

        * Victory lapping *

      • John Difool says:

        I wish somebody would start another World War so you guys would love us again. : (

    • Lily says:

      And why did he not get banned for that???????????
      /cj is so hateful……and heartless……the way he treated Sharmuta and cuddled up with ice weasel

  38. beed says:

    Hey, ISTE, are you not watching the “game”?

  39. ryannon says:

    LGF Hive-Mind Watch:

    rwmofo racks up an astounding 32 down-dings for linking to a NYT article on left-wing media bias:

    2/05/2012 10:20:55 am PST
    Here’s an excellent article from the NY Times on left-wing media bias. That’s right. The NY Times. I think I just saw a flock of pigs do a fly-by.

  40. John Difool says:

    That Chevy apocalypse commercial was hilarious. Like Chevy would even be around after the end of the world after the government collapses and the taxpayers died

  41. ryannon says:

    As meanwhile, warily combining a slight back-paddle with a half-pirouette, The Trout continues to test the limits of Chunk’s patience with dissenting thought:

    Posted in: Very Poor GOP Voter Turnout in Nevada

    Killgore Trout
    2/05/2012 1:33:19 pm PST
    re: #208 Charles

    What “smears” were those?

    I was just expressing my personal opinion based on some of the stories that were circulating. I’m not really interested in debating it, just stating that I have reservations.

  42. ryannon says:

    beed :
    The best things are the commercials and the occasional misplaced boobie.

    You’ve misplaced a boobie?

  43. ryannon says:

    Archonix :
    He can find replacements here:

    From website:

    “With our products it is possible to create illusions that before now were impossible, to live out fantasies that once were unobtainable.”

    Sounds interesting. Hey, I’ll take three of them!

  44. ryannon says:

    beed :
    I tried that, but I only have two hands. So I asked a friend over, and then it got weird.

    I was thinking more in terms of a Romulus and Remus fantasy with a willing she-wolf….

  45. ryannon says:

    beed :
    Then you need six.

    beed :
    Then you need six.

    Of course.

    Just testing your state of alertness, Beed.

  46. beed says:

    John Difool :
    I wish somebody would start another World War so you guys would love us again. : (

    Heh. We still love you, but we’d love you better if you slimmed down and started playing real sports.

    Enjoy the game!

    Sleepy time for moi.

  47. Pig says:

    There may be no shame, but I feel damn silly.