BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 3000-3999

Here’s the next one: 

The batches now begin to get a little more interesting, as we start to see some of those old memory-holed threads that we’ve rescued and featured here awhile back. We’re entering that extended era that CJ doesn’t like talking about, featuring more blatant anti-Muslim themes like #3062 “peaceful religion watch” (a title recycled many times, as you’ll discover, and leading to the infamous “Religion of Peace” term), and #3323 “the mirage of moderate islam”:

Also worth noting in this thousand, I suppose, is some indication that CJ began to take himself and his site more seriously, as he finally converts to capitalization of the titles, starting with thread #3721.

The thread list, for reference, below the fold:
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Another prediction by Charles Johnson falls flat

Making electoral predictions is not Chuck’s strong suite. Last night when the first results from Michigan’s primary came in that showed Rick Santorum ahead, Charles jumped the gun. The Sage of Culver City claimed it

As is usually the case, Charles Johnson ended up with egg on his faith. After more votes were counted Mitt Romney pulled ahead. Eventually, he was declared the winner in Michigan. As is always the case, Charles never admits he was wrong. He just coldly comments that Romney won.

MSNBC made a call based on facts. Charles Johnson made a prediction based on his perceived view of Republican voters. Its painfully obvious that electoral prognostications are not Chuck’s strong suite.  Charles Johnson really needs to focus on others subjects, he is politically ignorant.

BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 2000-2999

…and we keep marching on:

This batch ushers in 2002, and we begin to see the kind of threads that would come to define the site for the better part of the decade. We’ll feature article #2091, the coining of “anti-idiotarian”:

Those threads, for reference:
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Anti-Southern bigotry at LGF

Charles Johnson condemns what he considers bigotry,. Yet he is silent at bigotry at his own blog. Chuck even encourages hatred of groups he doesn’t approve of. One of LGF’s favorite targets are Southerners. In the latest hateful comment, imp_62 calls the South backward.

Why does the census shows why Americans from the north, moving to Southern states? This ignorant bigot will have no answer for that.

BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 1000-1999

This is the region of the archives that contains CJ’s pre/post 9/11 crossover, but what we also find in here are a few threads from one Michael Johnson:

Here’s the list, for reference:

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The Porn Queen returns to LGF

Retired porn actress Iceweasal has been missing from LGF.  Yesterday she reappeared and her comments reflected her former line of employment.

That headlines reminds Iceweasal of her old porn days!

BRC Document Leaks: The LGF Archives, Articles 1-999

As spokesperson for the BRC, I’m going to preface what will become one of our more lengthy series with an admission:

The Battle for the LGF Archives may be lost.


Well, when you combine CJ’s decision to hide the 6+ million old comments with the “feature” that allows loozards to change the nics that appear in their comments retroactively, what’s left is a largely invisible and otherwise incomprehensible clusterf**k of an archive that spans 10-years of global contributions on a once-popular weblog. Based on anecdotes, a pre-2009 Charles Johnson would have been proud of the width and breadth of links, facts, and opinion gathered over the years, pristinely displayed and available to all, but it appears now that he’s more concerned with attempts to mask the past, and techie features just for their own sake. Simply put, the LGF comment archive is now a mess.

Example of clusterf**k

As noble warriors in the art of flame war, and as champions of logic, reason, and general fact-checking, collectively, we’ve looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and thrown up our arms. CJ’s lopped off his nose and successfully spited his face.

In response, we’ve decided to…*ahem*…”rescue” the entirety of the LGF archives, starting with the first 1000 articles. Going forward, we’re going to dump these files as they were gathered -including sekrit threads- with their original commenters and content completely intact, a thousand strawberries at a time. We’re doing this to provide a resource; it should come in handy for anyone who wants to peruse an older LGF thread without subjecting their account to Johnson’s sensors and alarms. Who knows, perhaps even CJ will find them valuable?

These will batches will come in the form of zip files containing a thousand html grabs, stored on a file sharing site. As we go, we’ll add these links to a handy page that we’ll keep linked under the masthead.

Here’s the first dump:

Note: In these batches, memory-holed threads will appear as a snapshot of the LGF main page (circa 2010). Of course, we’ve featured those threads individually over the last few years, but now we’ve dedicated them to their own batch (for the grand finale).

For reference, the list of the first 1k threads (and the location of the memory-holed articles) below the fold.

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