A Brief History Lesson on Name-Calling

CJ’s Pam Geller obsession continues, and December brought another 7 or so threads with her name in the tags.  Today’s episode, dubbed “Pamela Geller Freaks Out Over ‘Bare Naked Islam’ Shutdown” (or in BRC-speak, LGF article #39690), brought out a few interesting comments about the term “Shrieking Harpy”:

Hmmmm…I think this is the perfect opportunity for us to offer up some perspective…

Fact checking, one will find that, although LGF links dominate the front page of a Google search for “Shrieking Harpy”, the use of the term as attached to Geller does in fact go way back to August 2006, on one* lefty blogmockery site called Sadly, No!

Shrieks On A Plane

Posted at 0:34 by Gavin M.
{video, now hidden}

The life of an intercontinental shrieking harpy might seem like a leisured, breezy saunter through rose-perfumed gardens, but Ramallah Pamela proves that it isn’t always so!

Can you imagine that she was inconvenienced at the airport by anti-terror procedures?

Not shown: The harrowing, drunken conclusion of the flight, with four concussed flight attendants, a Finneran atop the beverage cart, and a panicked John ‘Disco Biscuits’ Bolton bullying the waiting Air Marshals away from the arrival gate.

Incidentally, this is the same Sadly, No! that was, in those days, prone to calling our pal Johnson names like “Chazmo“, “Chuckles”, and “Chuckie Greenballs“.

And the same Sadly, No! that CJ was, in those days, prone to refer to as the “crackheads at Sadly No”. (for our lurking logged-in lizards, you can see one of the old comments here)

And the same Pam Geller that was, in those days, prone to post up pics like this:


Wait, not interesting enough? OK. The irony has brought this thing around so full circle that not only has Johnson adopted a pejorative for a former ally from a former enemy (without giving credit for it, of course), but he’s actually managed to take it and surpass Sadly, No! in its usage…many times over.

The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ reveals that “Shrieking Harpy” appears in at least (before today) sixty-two (62) Johnson comments, and seventy-two (72) front page LGF threads (the first of which appears Oct. 12, ’09). In contrast, a search of Sadly, No! gives us just sixteen (16) threads going back to the aforementioned 2006 thread.



*This appears to be the sole origin.  I couldn’t find anything about a “google bomb”, but please add it here in the comments for the sake of thoroughness if found.


Update: Upon further inspection of the Sadly, No! front page and comments section, and the tactics of “Google bombing“, it appears that there was a concerted effort at the site to tie “shrieking harpy” to the Atlas url. Then, month or so later, it came as a specific request at myDD.