Charles Johnson hates Pets

Just when you think Charles Johnson can’t sink lower, he does. The Jazz Musician attacks Newt Gingrich again. Newt’s offense, having a  website dedicated pets. That’s right! Chuck hates a website dedicated to pets.

Charles Johnson is really a miserable human being. He hates pets now? The only pets Chuck likes is his online followers. Charles is an evil and cruel man who hates animals. Nobody will morn when Charles Johnson passes away. A dog is more worthy of living then this overweight Pikachu looking subhuman slime-ball.

What animal would want this bum as an owner? He probably would commit animal abuse. Charles Johnson is a miserable evil man. He even hates pets.

Charles, tell us what we don’t know about Ron Paul?

Most voters know about Ron Paul’s loony views. Many know about the links he has with White Supremacists. Yet Charles Johnson continues to report all this as if its news.


How is this news Charles? Do you really think you are doing some big scoop here?