SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: Charles Johnson shows no sympathy for Christmas honor killing victims

Once at the forefront of exposing Islamic terrorism, Charles Johnson is now a supporter of the Jihadi agenda. There was a recent murder/suicide where a Muslim who was angry at his family’s Americanization and Christmas celebration. [Story here.]

“Kos Laughs At Chuckles” tweeted Charles about his silence on the murders. Were it a Christian who committed the murders, Chuck would have been all over it.

The tweet was sent around noon Eastern time, 9 AM Western, and clearly it got under Charles Johnson’s skin. About 2 hours later he responded with a post. Instead of acknowledging the horror of this killing, he wrote one of his most hateful screeds ever. He attacked Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Jim Hoft and the Right in general in his angry rant.

Wow, so people who are horrified at an Islamic murder are the bad guys? The Sage of Culver City shows no pity for those killed, and instead sympathizes with the killer. Clearly his hate towards anti-Jihadists has become a sickness.

Charles Johnson is a deranged man and clearly belongs in a mental institute.

[Updated with link to story, fixed minor typos.]