Flashback: Johnson’s Judgement of an “Instant Classic”

As I write, the latest from the swamp of CJ’s LGF:

Hmmm…an “instant classic”, eh? The BRC is certainly suited to check into Johnson’s track record for calling this, and gosh darnit, we should. I mean, with >39K threads, we must have seen teh Johnson’s keen insight on this type of thing before, right?

Well…if you use the regular LGF search for “instant classic”, guess what? Nothing but the above thread turns up. Even The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ came up empty in the comments section…

But I could have sworn that CJ has thrown this out there before.  Could’ve sworn, I say.  But gee-whiz and golly…where?  And when?


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Charles Johnson’s fear of Ron Paul

With Ron Paul polling in 1st place in Iowa, Charles Johnson is scared his nightmare might come true. For the past few years, Charles has painted a web of conspiracies that center around Ron Paul,  Tobacco Companies and Nazis. Now his nightmare might come true (it will not) and he’s panicking! The Sage of Culver City did 3 Ron Paul posts in less than 11 hours

Charles Johnson thinks he can stop Ron Paul. I have news for Chuck, Paul is going nowhere. Iowa doesn’t reflect the nation and the Ron Paul vote is a protest over the Spread Democracy through wars that has captured the GOP. The man is a loon and openly idiots like Charles take him  erious.