Charles Johnson agrees with Ron Paul about Michele Bachmann

Ron Paul is the bogey man of LGF. For over 5 years, Charles Johnson was obsessed with this loon. In fact, Chuck accused Ron Paul of being at the center of some Rightwing plot. But as always, Charles Johnson changes his opinion on people. He praises Ron Paul for accusing Bachmann of being a racist and hating Muslims. Charles also takes a swipe at his rejected crush, Pam Geller.

Wow, after being the center of evil, Ron Paul is now a hero to Charles Johnson. Chuck doesn’t care about his prior opinion of a person. All he cares about is a way to attack someone else. Since he hates Bachmann, he will use Ron Paul as a club to hit her with.

One thing that is creepy is how Charles ties Pam Geller to this. The Cheetos King can’t get over her rejection of him. He really needs to move on.

Magical Jazzy Ponytail = Mr. Popular Twitter Goddess

[Source: Beed Statistics International]

The illustration above should be self-explanatory and intuitively obvious to the casual observer that Charles Johnson has nothing to brag about Twitterwise or otherwise. For you purists, here are the stats:

@Lizardoid – Charles Johnson:
Followers: 2,892
Followers per tweet: 0.18
Let x = 0.18 = 100%

@rsmccain – Robert Stacy McCain
Followers: 9,975
Followers per tweet: 0.33
Robert Stacy McCain is 183.33% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@Atlasshrugs – Pamela Geller
Followers: 11,800
Followers per tweet: 1.02
Pamela Geller is 566.67% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@DLoesch – Dana Loesch
Followers: 26,804
Followers per tweet: 1.02
Dana Loesch is 566.67% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@iowahawkblog – David Burge
Followers: 16,400
Followers per tweet: 1.45
David Burge is 805.56% more popular than Charles Johnson.

@AndrewBreitbart – Andrew Breitbart
Followers: 65,025
Followers per tweet: 3.08
Andrew Breitbart is 1,711.11% more popular than Charles Johnson.

Those numbers should speak for themselves, but for the #LGF lurkers out there who are numerically challenged, we’ll spell it out: Your master and gracious host is littering Twitter and nobody gives a shit.

Except for us. And just to put everything in perspective:

@kirstiealley – Kirstie Alley
Followers: 947,529
Followers per tweet: 37.84
Kirstie Alley is 21,022% more popular than Charles Johnson.