Johnson Labels LGF Veteran and Donor as a “Troll”, Whacks with Ban Stick

Last evening, LGF veteran “The Shadow Do” expressed an opinion about a recent statement from Mitt Romney, and for some reason it struck a chord with Mr. @lizardoid:

…and before The Shadow Do had a chance to respond:

Well, well, well…yes, that’s what trolls do.

Or is it?

Not that long ago, CJ said that this “troll” had a “great post“, and made a “good point“.

And just last year, when Johnson was begging for donations like a washed-up busker, The Shadow Do went ahead and pitched in:

(“Domo arigato” means “thank you” in Japanese.  Charles has been there, apparently.)

Then, Shadow took the next step, and encouraged other LGFers to follow suit:

Yep! That’s what “trolls” do!

Oh, and if you missed the customary post-banning “roast” of gamey troll buttocks in the thread, we did too. The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ revealed that, over the years, Chef Dark_Falcon and Shadow Do were kinda….pals.  Aw, shucks.

And I don’t suppose the Shadow will be getting his donation back….

(H/T ISTE, Gizbot7)

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