Charles Johnson Won’t Apologize For Calling Dana Loesch A NeoNazi

Charles Johnson Doesn’t Apologize for His Own Idiocy And Instead Attacks Conservative Women Who Are More Intelligent Than Magical Jazzy Ponytails

We did a bit of homework on the illustration recently featured on Little Green Footballs and promoted on MediaMatters, presented as supposed evidence of neonazis on rightwing websites, including Big Journalism. Note that the original political cartoon in question [archived here] was an ineffectual slam at the USA in March of 1942, less than four months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The header and caption read:

„Ein informationsministerium für USA.? Wie haißt? – Ä neuer Name für die alte Sache!“

Which translates to:

“A ministry of information for USA.? – What’s it called? A new name for the old thing!”

If you decide to peruse the rest of the archives, you’ll see that there are all nationalities, races and creeds depicted, and, yeah, they’re as offensive as that one. It’s pure propaganda, and it’s no different than that of MediaMatters and Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs.

The German magazine Kladderadatsch (onomatopoeic for “Crash”) was a satirical German-language magazine first published in Berlin on May 7, 1848, and appearing “daily, except for weekdays”. It was founded by Albert Hofmann and David Kalisch, the latter the son of a Jewish merchant and the author of several works of comedy.

A wealthy and very influential German industrialist, Hugo Stinnes, purchased the magazine in 1923 and turned it from a conservative satire publication (that mocked Chancellor Otto von Bismarck) into a National Socialist propaganda tool that promoted the blatant lie that the nazis were peaceful and everyone else was messing with them.

Now, back to the current yellow journalism as practiced and promoted by Charles Johnson. He stole a cheap shot from MediaMatters and thought it was worth echoing. At least MM posted some of the truth, while Johnson cropped it further in order to smear Andrew Breitbart and Dana Loesch with more guilt-by-association tactics.

Here is the image in question as posted by Charles Johnson:

That is a third- or fourth-generation version of the original. An earlier version sports an Obama pin:

Several years ago someone spotted the 1942 political cartoon and altered it to eliminate the derogatory stereotype in order to make an entirely different point. Note the throbbing changes:

But that’s not good enough for half truthers like MediaMatters or quarter-wits like Charles Johnson. Did Dana Loesch and numerous others intentionally choose the altered image knowing that it was originally published in a propaganda magazine owned by a Nazi? I doubt it.

One last item. If you look at the archived magazine and click a couple of pages forward, you’ll find the name of a regular contributor.

It’s obvious that Charles Johnson (die maul offensive) is more closely linked to that nazi-era publication than anyone he attacks. Charles, you’re a mess.

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