Charles Johnson continues to call Breitbart a Nazi

The Online Nazi Hunter continues to hone into his target. He is convinced that Andrew Breitbart is a Nazi!

If Charles has watched too many Nazi movies. He sees Nazis under his bed.

What is the roots of Chuck’s Nazi obsession?



Charles Johnson accuses Andrew Breitbart of being a Nazi

Charles Johnson sees Nazis everywhere, thinks Nazism is one of the biggest threats facing humanity. He is an online Nazi hunter.

In his latest discovery, he accuses Andrew Breitbart of being Nazis. His proof: someone on Big Government posted a cartoon insulting the media which was based upon one from a German magazine in the 1940’s.

I bet this was done without any malice. Charles uses this to validate his Nazi threat theory and to smear Andrew Breitbart, a Pro-Israel Jew, of being an anti-Semite. I wonder why Charles doesn’t mention this (Link added)? Oh, that’s right, he ignores real anti-semitism from the left. Chuck is a hypocrite.

( Hat Tip:Link has been added.)