Challenge: Find Another Blog that Uses a Resig/LGF-Style “Retweet” Counter

Yesterday, while revisiting the whole LGF “tweet counter” issue yet again, I posted the following:


Why the heck does need to supply the “retweet” count?  For the nth time, Twitter supplies their own tweet counters, free of charge, and they’re universally used by every other blogger and webmaster on the internet. They’re easy to add, and they don’t come across as an attempt to fool visitors (or lizards).

If one feels that the “clicks” are an important statistic (apparently Johnson and Resig are the only folks who feel this way; incoming twitter traffic shows up on the list of referrers like everything else), it could easily be a separate, individualized counter. But for some reason, he just continues to insist on this misleading configuration.

First, a clarification: For some reason, in this particular comment, Johnson kinda implies that the LGF “retweet” button is his own, but we know that it’s just a variation of Resig’s original design.

Next, the bolded portion above was a bit of a flaw on my part, as I really didn’t have anything at the time to back this assertion up.  It could very well be that, in addition to LGF*, many bloggers and webmasters have adopted John Resig’s* so-called “Easy Retweet” concept and implemented it on their sites as well.  I just haven’t noticed any. But we should give finding one a shot, I figure.

So, in the spirit of fact-checking (and because today marks the 2-yr anniversary of the “retweet” button/counter), I’m hoping to challenge our DoD readers to a bit of a scavenger hunt, and see if some Google-fu or some insight reveals some other site out there using this code.  Surely another blogger has realized the value of this reasoning…there must be another one, right?

This could be one heck of a challenge…

*As it turns out, Resig’s counter is even more misleading than CJ’s, as on his blog the number isn’t accompanied by an explanation at all (scrollover, or otherwise). One of Resig’s recent threads has a counter that reads 24,000! Yay retweets!

Update: To save time, I encourage everyone to use memeorandum, as it displays links to many, many blogs on one page (that happen to be politically-themed, but that’s the league).  When you spot a blog that uses a regular, proper tweet counter (like say,  Politicons or  Weasel Zippers), please note it in the comments so we can prevent doubling work as much as possible (and to create an informal list of blogs that are normal).  Thanks.

83 Comments on “Challenge: Find Another Blog that Uses a Resig/LGF-Style “Retweet” Counter”

  1. OK it is obvious that all of PJ Media uses regular tweet counters. Maybe that’s the motivation for CJ?

    • ISTE says:

      Chen, if someone posts a lot of links in a comment it goes into moderation.

      Us mortal beings should just post the name of the site perhaps? no http and www or .com

  2. ooohhh…close…Maggie’s Notebook uses “tweetmeme”.

    Although, as far as I can tell, this actually counts tweets.

    moving on…

    • 1389AD says:

      On 1389 Blog, we use Share This, which is a WordPress plug-in that offers a Tweet, Facebook, email, and generic “share” button beneath each post.

      At this point, we don’t have anything set up to display the number of tweets. This is because we don’t have any way to verify the accuracy of the tweet count. We don’t want to be like Chuckles.

  3. Minnow says:

    Aren’t “LGF” and “Resig” down on the – uh…. well, you know…. the South Wing? (wink-wink)

    You know – down there with the droolers??!!11D!!

  4. hmmm…we should try an experiment.

    Click on this short url to Booman Tribune:

    see what happens…

  5. Aw shit! It appears that the Booman Tribune’s “tweet counter” is jacked too. I thought it looked a little strange. It doesn’t appear to be the same as the LGF/resig design (the shortened url isn’t, and therefore doesn’t pull the number from the “clicks” stat to fill the counter).

    Instead, the counter appears to move simply by clicking on the tweet button (a new window opens, and a different shortened url is generated each time). Problem is, I didn’t follow through and actually tweet it, yet the counter is counting it anyway. How cheez is that?

    • Minnow says:

      Oh Dork… come a little closer …. your cologne is so… magnitisme…..

      • Minnow says:


      • DF's Puddy Tat says:

        Have I mentioned lately how much I want DF here?
        How many times a day I dream of him?

        Well, Minnow, I just want you to know that Dark and I might be a little too busy right now for you, we are quite tuned into each other right now, Dark is the energy in my granola bar, the heart in my are just an annoyance.

      • Minnow says:

        oh yeah…. sure – you talk a good game I see…. but I am half Zoo raised Cougar on me Fazzur’s side…. I think DOrk will recognize “the real thing” when he sees it….


    • ChenZhen says:

      I guess the thing at least attempts to count real “tweets”, albeit prematurely.

      moving on…

  6. Minnow says:

    Yes…. moving on to Mr. Maddow’s Spasm-Du-Jour regarding Rick Perry…

    Hey – I just thought of something…. Hey Chunk – maybe you can get lucky with Mr. Maddow!!?

    Oh wait, that’s right – nevermind.

    Mr. Maddow – you are trying REEEEEEEALLY hard to make something out of nothing. I guess that is what people of your caliber do (you know, those who have nothing going for them but a Lesbian smirk and some flexxed neck muscles –mmm- right – you know what I’m talking about).

    Yes. Let’s all shit all over Rick Perry for – ahhhh – wait – ???? what? no reason!!!!

    Yeah – that’s what I thought.

    But nice try.

  7. Mongoose says:

    Chen, I can see a pattern here.

    Regular Twitter button with a counter

    Regular Twitter button with no counter

    No Twitter or tweeting buttons of any kind or counters at all and I spent 2 hours looking.


    I can’t find any site that counts “Clicks” and pretends they are “Tweets” so as to make it look like loads of people are really tweeting things.

    Sorry, I tried…

    Oh wait! I forgot to look here, http*://

    BBL…… *gone*

    • Minnow says:

      no. there is one leading, pace setting, fat-fatty-fat site with real live Cougars n shit that does this.

      Guess who?


  8. Bunk X says:

    The swamp reads like a junior high schooler’s blog tonight. They’re linking to pictures of cats that resemble Hitler.

  9. Ludwig says:

    MedChemmer :
    New mobile website design…booooooooo.

    Billions will die as a result of this new mobile website design!

    No longer possible to shame Foxnews Sluts from a mobile device with the prior convenience. If this is not reverted immediately I will return to LGF and quote algebra!

    (But only when the SlutWeasel is not around. Billions WILL die! But I intend to survive a bit longer.)

  10. Minnow says:

    oh. sorry. I just read a little something over “there” regarding Herman Cain getting “curbstomped” by “OhSuchALoser”, our President, during the upcoming elections.


    Courtesy (and I am being WAY kind) of Lidane.

    Curb Stomped?

    Are you freaking on acid?

    Lidane – you ought to be researching recipes for bread, or chocolate chip cookies – or maybe pickles. Or – maybe candlemaking.

    Herman Cain is an accomplished human being. Unlike Douchebag President or you.

    Please leave the adult discussions to – ahem – adults.

    Now, go see about those cookies.

    Good gurl.

  11. Minnow says:


  12. Minnow says:

    There are some seriously deficient people over “there” spewing their opinions.

    Hah. Hah.

    Eat it Chunkwad.


  13. Minnow says:

    Oh, and “SpaceJesus”, you ignorant, inbred halfwit….

    You are an idiot. Please be quiet. Here is a lollipop for you to put in your mouth.


  14. garycooper says:

    “The number that matters…the number you care about…:

    Really, Chunky? You think people actually care, other than to heap derision on your clumsy chicanery? Get a grip, big boy. 😆

  15. doppelganger says:

    other than a few of us looking for laughs, is anybody even reading LGF any more?

    • Iron Fist says:

      I haven’ tbeen there in a couple of years. There is nothing there that interests me that won’t be beaten to death on DoD 😈

      • Doppelganger says:

        not to mention the freaking pop ups and slow load times

        that’s probably the worst website I’ve encountered in terms of being user friendly. thin content, slow load times, commenters who live in garages or basements

        the boiler room crew are doing the lord’s work, collecting all I need to read from there so I don’t have to click on that site at all

  16. Daedalus says:

    Great post Chen. Charles keeps digging his hole.

  17. garycooper says:

    At some point, we’ll all pause for breath after yet another self-clowning by Derp Fatasz, look at each other, and say something like, “Well, that’s finished.” It will be semi-sad, but you have to know when to stop kicking a dead lizard, that’s all bloated and reeking of the gases of decomposition, and bad craziness. Otherwise, you can ruin your shoes.

    Here’s some sweet rock boogie to cheer everyone up:

    I love The Black Keys.

    • Bunk X says:

      Things have been winding down, for sure. I think it was Chen who described DoD as a one-trick pony, and the BRC didn’t think they’d last as long as they did. Most of the big stuff has already been posted and archived. But just when you think there’s no more fraud to expose, here comes Chuck to the rescue.

      • beed says:

        We could find another blog to pick on. How about the Correspondence Committee?

      • garycooper says:

        The news-cycle being what it is, we’re overdue for another big “nontroversy” that will get the Head-Libturd-In-Charge all worked up and mouth-breathing, with flecks of spittle all over his keyboard and monitor. The BEST AGW-study wasn’t much of a thing, alas. Did Lewd-Wig ignore that beauty? What’s this world coming to?

      • garycooper says:

        beed :We could find another blog to pick on. How about the Correspondence Committee?

        Who dat is? Where dey at? I got they correspondences right here… 😡

      • beed says:

        It’s place for special people where other special people don’t get to play.

      • garycooper says:

        beed :It’s place for special people where other special people don’t get to play.

        Sounds pretty special. Is that where Mandy Manners ended up?

      • beed says:


  18. garycooper says:

    Anarchy, hard drugs, rape, theft…just another day on the barricades. 🙂

    How much do you love the “spokesmen,” who assure the cameras that “we are dealing with it?” I think these poofters are pretty awesome, meself.

  19. beed says:

    tackyraccoonwatch dot com

  20. beed says:

    We could start hating on women and old people. I think there is a market for a blog like that.

  21. garycooper says:

    Here’s some people who desperately need lives…and brains…

  22. garycooper says:

    beed :The teenagers of today are the young adults of the future.

    That’s what worries me. Although, when I think back to how skull-fucked I was at that age, today’s kids seem like a bunch of workaholic drudges.

  23. Zeus Crankypants says:

    beed :

    We could find another blog to pick on. How about the Correspondence Committee?

    Are you kidding. The CC is trafficked by the little special snowflakes that couldn’t even stand up to Charles and ran away… quaint little flouncers who didn’t even have the guts to stick around and give Chuck his due. Intellectual chickens I say.

    • Hugh Bris says:

      Go get me my car, Jeeves. It’s the green Lexus. There’s a ten in it for you.

    • beed says:

      Heh. As an intellectual chicken I asked to be let in (hand in glove!) so I could say hi to Old Line Texan, but I was deemed either too intellectual or too chicken.

    • doppelganger says:

      there are some nice people there. they quite frankly wanted to continue doing what they always did, have conversations with like minded individuals.

      charles johnson was never an important part of their equation. he just happened to own the blog where they all chatted. he was easily replaced. they weren’t all that pissed so didn’t feel the need to discuss that cocksucker.
      other folks wanted to stay anaonymous, or rather not get into it with chucky because he knew their real identies and he OUTS PEOPLE.
      I imagine they didn’t want their employers or other folks getting bothered with that, not to mention getting harrassed by the surrogate psychopaths of charles like paula connel of that skank kedja and her closet homosexual husband.

      I have no beef with CC. I like most of the folks there. I chatted there for a while with my old LGF nic, I just found the format a bit boring and repetative…..” pull in, get a drink” over and over. not my gig.

  24. krunch717171 says:

    hey ya’ll
    have you seen this very tasty article from RS McCain
    chock full of crunchy LGF goodness

    I was an occasional contributor to PJM, for example reporting on a July 2008 campaign appearance by John McCain in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and reporting from the Democratic National Convention in August.

    That friendly relationship continued until Sept. 12, 2009, when my PJM coverage of the 9/12 March on Washington — the biggest rally of the Tea Party movement — proved to be the spark that lit the fuse of Charles Johnson’s final meltdown at Little Green Footballs. Although Roger professed continued friendship toward me, my future offers to contribute at PJM were rebuffed by the editors (not Roger himself) and, with the exception of an April 2010 article specially solicited by my friend Charlie Martin, I ceased to be a contributor.

    read it all!

    • Bunk X says:

      RSM is just another posterblogger for CJ backstabbing – but RSM’s blog is more successful, at least according to his UNDOCTORED STATS.

  25. Chuck’s peeps update.

  26. garycooper says:

    Ah, what’s a little rape between comrades? Up the system!!

  27. garycooper says:

    OWS-organizer In Red Hat: “No soup for you!”


    • rightymouse says:

      They’re going to get sick of the free-loaders & their utopian vision will crash & burn. Good lesson for them.

      • garycooper says:

        The 99% don’t care for the dirty peasants, who keep robbing and raping them, despite several polite requests for them to cease-and-desist from such behavior. The OWS-organizer In The Red Hat even made a strongly-worded protest, insisting on her right to holler “Rape!” during an interview, as she was being dragged into a tent by a group of crusty, common louts. “You have to let me finish talking!,” were her last words before the tent door was zipped up behind her.

  28. Speranza says:

    doppelganger :
    other than a few of us looking for laughs, is anybody even reading LGF any more?

    It is n excruciatingly boring blog.

    • Pakimon says:

      I think this is the calm before the storm.

      As the primaries go by and the actual presidential race begins in earnest, we’re sure to be treated to astounding feats of stupidity by Chucky Cheetos and his minions.

      If it looks like Obama will lose, what’s a husky blogger to do?

      We have to keep a watchful eye to find out.

      All the while providing appropriate commentary, of course… 😀

  29. Speranza says:

    Zeus Crankypants :

    beed :
    We could find another blog to pick on. How about the Correspondence Committee?

    Are you kidding. The CC is trafficked by the little special snowflakes that couldn’t even stand up to Charles and ran away… quaint little flouncers who didn’t even have the guts to stick around and give Chuck his due. Intellectual chickens I say.

    I like Correspondence Committee. many of them post at blogmoc. It is a good blog – just different.

    • beed says:

      Yes. It’s a good blog, but they won’t allow me to spill water from my infinate well of wisdom there, so I pretend to hate them.

  30. Hugh Bris says:

    Frakin brakin spam fliter.

  31. Hugh Bris says:

    More Chux peeps.

    Today, we get the official version from the Dallas Police Department, which is reporting that it has arrested Richard Wayne Armstrong, a 24-year-old “non-compliant registered sex offender,” for the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl in late October.

  32. ISpeakJive says:

    Speaking of Stranahan….where’s our movie?

  33. […] I love the retro sound of The Black Keys, and I dance like that guy. [h/t to garycooper] […]