Charles needs some sales

I guess having a song for the soundtrack for Grand theft auto isn’t making the cut. Chuck now promotes sales at Amazon so he can pay his bills.

Chuck can’t make his own money. He needs others to support him. No wonder he supports Marxism!

Charles Johnson comments on latest Herman Cain acusations.

Chuck shares his intellectual analysis of the latest accusations against Herman Cain.

This is a comment to be proud of!

Charles takes Barney Frank at his word

Chuck is a very naive person. He believes anything a Leftist tells him. Barney Frank has announced he will not run again in 2012. He promised that he will not be a lobbyist. We all know this is a lie, but Chuck believes him.

Charles really is gullible. He’s not a thinker and relies on emotions.

Charles finally addresses Climategate II

After avoiding the subject all week, Chuck finally addresses Climategate II.

I’m shocked Charles didn’t blame Tobacco companies for this leak. Chuck believes nefarious forces are at work here. I’m sure he will discover who is responsible.

Charles Johnson describes his blog

Chuck aint the sharpest tool in the shed. When he attacks his enemies, Charles always ends up describing himself.

Sounds like you and LGF Chuck!


Charles Johnson thanks himself for Thanksgiving

This post is the height of Narcissism.

So Charles Johnson is proud his blog went from be influential to a Neo-Stalinist conspiracy filled laughing stock? This man really has issues!

(Hat Tip: RIX)

Update: Charles Johnson is proud of comments like this.

Chuck, nice blog you’re proud of.

Update (ChenZhen): This is who the 2003 Johnson wished to thank:


[BRC News Services – Culver City] And they said it couldn’t be done.

There are no more spambots on Twitter thanks to a recluse blogger and former jazz guitar sideman/bicycle enthusiast named Charles Johnson. On November 21, internet rumors hinted that Johnson was onto something big, yet nobody knew just how big it was. Johnson wasn’t talking, and for good reason – he was busy.

Working from his makeshift computer lab strewn with the detritus typical of recluse bloggers, Johnson steers a website named “Little Green Footballs,” fondly referred to by fans as “The Blog Version of Animal Farm.”

What Johnson accomplished in the past 48 hours or so was to single-handedly identify and eliminate each and every spambot on Twitter, one by one, with painstaking and ruthless efficiency. Rarely does one play “whack-a-mole” and win, yet Charles Johnson somehow pulled it off.

And he’s not done yet. Johnson is a farce to be reckoned with, and spambots everywhere are giggling nervously, apprehensive of Charles Johnson’s next un-telegraphed move. Kudos are in order.

Daedalus Update:

Charles Johnson is now asking for assistance in his war with Twitter spambots.

Poor Chucky!