More venom from the Elusive Quixote

The Elusive Quixote is getting more coincidence posting. He has studied the pattern of his Predator: Iceweasal and realized he is now safe at certain hours. The Elusive Quixote is back toi his venomous rants about Republicans committing genocide. Clearly, he is delusional.

The Elusive Quixote’s rants get even worse!

Charles Johnson loves to attack what he calls hate speech. Yet he allows it on his own blog. The Elusive Quixote spews hate and venom on a daily basis. Yet the Cheetos Kings is OK with this. He is no one to speak about hate.

The Elusive Quixote says the GOP will kill billions!

Billions will die! Our old pal, the Elusive Quixote has been spotted on many threads recently at LGF. Clearly he has noticed his predator Iceweasal’s posting patterns. The Elusive one only posts, when she’s not around. Thankfully, the failed Porn Actress hasn’t notice this patten and we get to enjoy the Elusive Quixote ranting about the deaths of billions.

That’s right the Republicans plan to kill billions! Don’t worry Elusive one, Charles will prevent this! Just keep avoiding the ex Porn ACtress and you can continue your rants!