Pro Life Liberal wants an opinion

The mentally unstable Islamists of LGF, Pro Life Liberal is asking people he don’t know personally for a judgement call. Pro Jihad is asking LGFers their opinion of someone he knows in real life. That’s right, this clown is asking people their opinion of someone he knows and they don’t!

How would they know what to think about this guy.

Pro Jihad is asking for an opinion on this person, despite making up his mind about him.

I detect jealousy here. Pro Life probably wants to hook up and make his friend part of his wannabe harem. He clearly wants sympathy from online people he don’t know. Pro Life really should be put in a straight jacket.

Little Green Footballs would be perfect for psychiatric study.

Update: Pro Life gets called out by ggt for not admitting his jealousy!

He hit the nail on the button!. pro Life then comes back with 2 weasel answers!

In reality, she probably wants nothing to do with Pro Life Liberal. She’s probably just an acquaintance and gives him no time of day. Instead, she was dating someone who served this nation; not one who supports causes hostile to America.

Get over your jealousy,she wants a real man!

Pro Life Liberal admits he is mentally unstable

Keyboard Jihadist Pro Life Liberal, admits he’s mentally unstable.

No wonder this guy supports Jihadists. Just like his heroes, he’s nuts. I would not rule out a suicide bombing attempt by this loon!

Nice commentator you have there Charles!

Charles says “But I really don’t understand this kind of thinking.”

Charles is having trouble understanding how Turner, 70 years old, a Catholic, who has never held any public office before could have had this kind of support.

“I am a registered Democrat, I have always been a registered Democrat, I come from a family of Democrats — and I hate to say this, I voted Republican,” said Linda Goldberg, 61, after casting her ballot in Queens. “I need to send a message to the president that he’s not doing a very good job. Our economy is horrible. People are scared.”

Maybe he needs to read the New York Times?

Seeing Ripple in Jewish Vote (NYT Published: September 14, 2011)

WASHINGTON — Not since Jimmy Carter in 1980 has a Democrat running for president failed to win a lopsided majority of the Jewish vote. This has been true during times of peace or war, and even when there has been deep acrimony between the White House and the Israeli government.

Sensing trouble, the Obama campaign and Democratic Party leaders have mobilized to solidify the president’s standing with Jewish voters. The Democratic National Committee has established a Jewish outreach program. The campaign is singling out Jewish groups, donors and other supporters with calls and e-mails to counter the Republican narrative that Mr. Obama is hostile to Israel.

In a backhanded way, even the Nutty Professor Ludwig tries to explain it to Charles.

Wed, Sep 14, 2011 10:25:42am

Unfortunately, many in the Orthodox community – particularly the more black hat end of it and particularly amongst older voters, have drunk some the the GOP cool-aid. This is largely due to Obama’s policies – or lack of policies in the mid-East.

And he get 7 up dings for speaking against the Lizard Queen Charles.

The New York Times article sums it up nicely.

(NYT) The nub of the problem, Mr. Engel said, is that Mr. Obama tends to blame Israel and the Palestinians equally for the impasse in the Middle East — an equivalence many Jewish voters find objectionable. He said this visceral reaction prevented Jews from giving the president credit for the positive aspects of his policy.

You’re stuck on stupid Charles.

201 Charles
Wed, Sep 14, 2011 12:15:25pm

The idea that the Obama administration is doing anything different in regards to Israel than any other US administration is a ludicrous, easily disprovable lie. The kind of lie only a dedicated right winger pretends to believe.

Sure Charles, keep believing that, don’t worry that even the New York Times and many other left-wing pundits and media outlets are stating the obvious.

(NYT) Still, American Jews are clearly less enchanted with Mr. Obama than they were in 2008, when nearly 8 out of 10 voted for him (in a Gallup poll last July, the most recent month for which data was available, his approval rating was 60 percent). Jewish lawmakers have been warning the White House that this disaffection could hurt the president in turnout, fund-raising and enthusiasm.

As Rush said yesterday “it’s just another bitch slap.” How did that feel Charles?