Charles upset at Wolf Blitzer

Charles Johnson brings out his pseudo-Science expert act. He’s mad at Wolf Blitzer for not asking any question about Science.

How are scientific questions relevant to politics?

The Race Detective’s take on the CNN/Tea Party debate

The Race Detective gives his take on the CNN/Tea Party debate in Tampa.

Real classy of this guy. Charles thinks he’s cute calling people he don’t know, racist. KenJen takes Charles to task for his prejudice.

Exactly! How many Blacks and other minorities are on LGF? Charles and his minions never answered. Instead a thread later, Charles bans him!

Charles, I will ask you. How many Blacks on LGF? He didn’t answer because his blog doesn’t have many. It’s funny how Chuck can accuse others of racism, when he supported promoting abortions for Africans.

Charles Johnson’s playing of the race card is pathetic.