Killgore Trout challenges the credibility of Charles Johnson’s post source

The blog we all love to mock, Little Green Footballs just fell further from reality. Charles Johnson has a post using Colin Powell’s former chief of staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson as a source. This man claimed that Dick Cheney feared being tried as a war criminal.

Charles did this to earn brownie points with the Left. Like all his attempts at relevance, it didn’t work out as expected. The truth about Col. Lawrence Wilkerson was exposed by none other than the LGF court jester, Killgore Trout! It turns out, he thinks 9/11 was a Necon plot to help Israel.

This is the video of Col. WIlkerson that Killgore is linking to.

When confronted with this man’s lack of credibility, Charles Johnson denies it.

Killgore tells Charles to keep watching the video.

Charles never adddresses Killgore’s chellenging of Col. Wilkerson’s credibility. Instead he states he doesn’t favor war crime trials.

It’s a sad day when a conspiracy theorist like Killgore Trout even thinks Charles Johnson’s post source is extreme. It’s also sad seeing a hardcore Bush supporters like Charles trying to throw Dick Cheney under the bus for Leftist acceptance. LGF is just a sad, pathetic and hateful blog!


Charles Johnson fantasizes about Rick Perry’s brain

Charles Johnson’s obsession with Rick Perry has reached new heights. He fantasizes about Rick Perry’s brain. That’s right, Chuck is now obsessing over Rick Perry’s brain!

I would hate to imagine what Charles Johnson’s brain is like.

Charles Johnson’s uneducated fear of religious conservatives

An interesting article, which I have posted here in hopes that Charles Johnson will see it. Of course, we know that he never reads DoD, but maybe one of his little sycophants will report back to the Lizard One. I have annotated this article to point out certain highlights that pertain to Charles. I don’t think he has the intelligence to take some of these suggestions to heart, but we can always hope.

But here are four points that journalists (Charles Johnson) should always keep in mind when they (he) ask(s) and then write about religious beliefs that they (he himself) themselves don’t share.

First, conservative Christianity is a large and complicated world, and like other such worlds — the realm of the secular intelligentsia very much included — it has various centers and various fringes, which overlap in complicated ways. Sometimes teasing out these connections tells us something meaningful and interesting. But it’s easy to succumb to a paranoid six-degrees-of-separation game, in which the most radical figure in a particular community is always the most important one, or the most extreme passage in a particular writer’s work always defines his real-world influence.

Second, journalists (Charles Johnson) should avoid double standards. If you roll your eyes when conservatives trumpet Barack Obama’s links to Chicago socialists and academic radicals, you probably shouldn’t leap to the conclusion that Bachmann’s more outré law school influences prove she’s a budding Torquemada. If you didn’t spend the Jeremiah Wright controversy searching works of black liberation theology for inflammatory evidence of what Obama “really” believed, you probably shouldn’t obsess over the supposed links between Rick Perry and R. J. Rushdoony, the Christian Reconstructionist guru.

Third, journalists (Charles Johnson) should resist the temptation to apply the language of conspiracy to groups and causes that they (he) find(s) unfamiliar or extreme. Republican politicians are often accused of using religious “code words” and “dog whistles,” for instance, when all they’re doing is employing the everyday language of an America that’s more biblically literate than the national press corps (Johnson). Likewise, what often gets described as religious-right “infiltration” of government usually just amounts to conservative Christians’ using the normal mechanisms of democratic politics to oust politicians whom they disagree with, or to fight back against laws that they don’t like.

Finally, journalists (Johnson) should remember that Republican politicians have usually been far more adept at mobilizing their religious constituents than those constituents have been at claiming any sort of political “dominion.” George W. Bush rallied evangelical voters in 2004 with his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, and then dropped the gay marriage issue almost completely in his second term. Perry knows how to stroke the egos of Texas preachers, but he was listening to pharmaceutical lobbyists, not religious conservatives, when he signed an executive order mandating S.T.D. vaccinations for Texas teenagers.

Oh, and just in case Charles thinks this short lesson on responsible journalism came from some right-wing publication or blog, please read the whole article at the New York Times.

Rescued from Memory Hole: “Zombie: CAIR and ICNA Sponsor Islamic Ad Campaign”

Courtesy of The Great Strawberry Heist™, The Boiler Room Crew discovers another missing LGF thread:

Pulled from the bottom of a bucket, we present article # 32974:

Here’s the link(s) in question:

Zombie has a post looking into who’s behind a new advertising campaign on San Francisco buses: Islam bus ads sponsored by CAIR and ICNA roll into San Francisco.


Also see: LGF search: “Islamic Circle of North America”

Rescued from Memory Hole: “The ‘Bush as Hitler’ Retrospective”

267 Charles Sun, Oct 4, 2009 9:55:49pm •
I may delete all my posts linking to zombie. What a back-stabbing little creep.

So said CJ in one of those sooper (not so) sekrit (but quite interesting) threads that he has a tendency to post up when he’s got something buggin’ him and needs a big hug (In the past, we’ve managed to inspire them a couple times, with our fact checks on the LGF “views” and “tweet” counters, specifically). This was a big one, as this long-time LGF staple and significant contributor made the fatal error of not censoring comments left on his/her blog. –gasp!

In the end, Johnson made good on it…kinda. The Great Strawberry Heist™ revealed that there are quite a few Zombie-linked articles down in the memory hole. But, search the LGF archives, and you’ll still find more of them left standing. We haven’t yet discovered the rationale for which ones were to stay and which ones went. Perhaps the selection was just random. Or maybe he was getting through a bunch of them and realized that to follow through on ALL of them would essentially turn his archives into Swiss cheese. Who knows? All we know is there are a bunch of them in our buckets, and The Boiler Room engineers thought it was worth a thread or two (or ten).

For our first feature, we resurrect the youngest of the disappeared threads (chronologically):

Evidence of this thread’s existence is found elsewhere, as a google search reveals that another blogger copied/pasted the post for himself.

BTW- The link in question:

Pictures to prove it? Zombie’s got ’em: Bush as Hitler, Swastika-Mania: A Retrospective.

Factoids: “Zombie” appears on our banned list, and his/her user profile reveals:

karma: 36977, comments: 30699, links: 76, registered date: “Jun 15” 2004 “9:45 pm” and was referred to on the front page as LGF “minion” and “operative” more than once.

We Stand in Awe

The “tech note” tweet heard ’round the blogosphere:

OK, so it’s not that big a deal. Sites like Digg and blogs like Balloon Juice have had comment self-editing for quite a while. Nevertheless, most sites don’t, so part of the team feels compelled to congratulate CJ for this milestone.


..after all that technical, ajax-powered wizardry, Johnson can’t seem to fix that glitch that hides the 6.1 million comments in the archives…

Weird, huh?

Stuff you don’t put on the Internet

I read this comment by Shiplord Kirel and was stunned he put this out in public.

Personally I think the story is bs. If true, it explains why Shiplord Kirel stays loyal to Charles. Chuck understand what its like to have a wife leave you.


Addendum (ChenZhen): Shiplord is one of the few lizards who expressed his loyalty…live…on the air (go to 2:34):

and as evidence as to how weird this dude really is: