A word from our sponsor!

Now a very important word from our sponsor, Charles Foster Johnson.

Charles if you had a blog of adults and not 20-year-old sociology majors, that message wouldn’t be necessary.


Killgore Trout Admits defeat

Killgore Trout makes a huge admission. He admits that Charles Johnson’s attempts to silence people has failed.

Poor Killgore, admitting defeat in silencing people.

Yeah, We Fact Check Yer Ass, and Wonderboy’s Got It Sussed.

The stupid git that Wonderboy “Sergey” refers to posted a link to the “manifesto” that Wonderboy didn’t seem interested enough to click on, so I’ll make it easy for him.


What is telling about Wonderboy’s Self-Important-LGF-Subsidized-Cached-ProtoBlog is that it took him a mere 3-1/2 hours to post his response, hardly enough time to consume the diatribe of the mass-murderer, let alone to verify that the mass-murderer linked repeatedly to Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs, as explained in this post.

Heh. What’s the word? Oh, yeah, I remember. Dickless.