The Charles Johnson / LGF Connection (UPDATED)

Anders Behring Breivik’s Manifesto

After perusing Charles Johnson’s irrational and slanderous attacks on Fjordman, Pamela Geller, and others, let’s look at some facts.

I downloaded Breivik’s “Manifesto,” as a Word document file and performed a simple search/replace to determine the frequency of mentions of relevant names and blog sites. Caveat: I have not read the entire “manifesto,” I may not read it, and I cannot confirm its authenticity.


“Charles Johnson” and “Johnson” is mentioned 17 times;  “Little Green Footballs” and “LGF” is mentioned 16 times.

[Note that there are references to “Marguerite Johnson,” “The Johnson Boys,””Tim Johnson,””Allen Johnson,” and they are not included in the tally.That totals 33 for Charles Johnson, not counting footnotes.]

“Geller” is mentioned 1 time; “Atlasshrugs” is mentioned 12 times.
[Pamela Geller totals 13.]

Other related searches:
“Fjordman” is mentioned 111 times.
“Spencer” is mentioned 55 times.
Jihadwatch” is mentioned 155 times.
“Geert Wilders” is mentioned 15 times.
“David Duke” is mentioned 3 times.
“English Defense League,” “English Defence League” and “EDF” is mentioned 11 times.

Here are Anders Behring Breivik’s own unedited words as expressed in his “Manifesto.” The references to Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs are in the order in which they appear, and I’ve attempted to keep the comments in context. The bold text is my own.

[UPDATE: APPARENTLY THE “MANIFESTO” IS A HOAX. Regardless, the point of this post still stands, that Charles Johnson assumed the paper to be legitimate (as did we and many others) and used it to attack other bloggers with charges of guilt-by-association. –Ed.]

[UPDATE No. 2: The MSM, including the Norwegian press, are treating the “Manifesto” as authentic. –Ed.]

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Killgore Trout makes another prophecy

Killgore Trout continues his prophet act. He now claims that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer will become discredited because of the Norway attacks.

Yeah how have you other predictions turned out Killgore? Stick to fixing violins.

Is Fjordman the Norwegian mass murderer? Charles thinks so…

I’m leaving this up for comments. Everyone needs to see just what CJ is up to these days.

Rescued from Memory Hole: More Fjordman

The past 24 hours have proved to be pretty interesting in the realm of our little blog war, as the story of the LGF connection to the tragedy in Norway develops. There’s been a lot of talk over at the swamp about the “Fjordman”, who is a blogger and formerly a lizard of very high status. (He departed LGF with a +689 Karma rating, 3531 comments and ~18 dedicated front page threads. Before ’05 he posted as “Norwegian kafir”, his first comment appearing in the archives on Jul 8, 2003).

One of 17 of Fjordman's "hat tips"

We’ve covered Fjordman a few times here in the past, but this might be a good time to revisit the subject to make sure that none of our lurkers miss some of this stuff, and do it without the stupid spin that you’d get from the suckups.

First, we might as well post this old comment up again:

As it turned out, Johnson couldn’t quite make up his mind with regard to those Fjordman articles, and the batch of them were deleted, restored, and then deleted again. Last October, The Boiler Room managed to grab screencaps for 9 of them before Charles blocked the Wayback Machine (which is why most of them appear in the old LGF format). Then a little later, we grabbed a few more during the brief period that CJ made them visible. Like this one:

Since then, the Fjordman articles seem to have been permanently memory-holed.  Luckily, we were able to get the remainder of them during the Great Strawberry Heist, so The Boiler Room is pleased to present one that had previously escaped (21845_Fjordman-_Farewell_to_the_United_Nations):

The thread’s disappearance leaves a gap of 543 comments, along with one link to The Brussels Journal.

Also see: Fjordman – Case Study # 14 – LGF BANNED AND BLOCKED