Well, it’s been more than a week since the Grand Lizardoid claimed that the folks at bitly promised him a “definitive answer” to his whining about the runaway twitter counters at LGF.  And according to CJ, the status of netizens like MikeySDCA and Dark_Falcon hangs in the balance, as they won’t have the privilege of appearing in the top “tweeted pages” list until this issue gets resolved.

We anxiously await word, but so far…nothing.  In the meantime, Killgore Trout’s frog pics moved to the top of the list, while Mikey and Dark can only watch helplessly…

In light of the injustices that are afoot, one would think that the lizards are due for another update.  What is taking bitly so long?  Fixing the LGF twitter counter should be a top priority for them, considering the 120K “pageviews” a day and all that.

Or should it?

Perhaps Bitly is more concerned with the plight of businesses that pay them $995/month for their more advanced services, and not so much with some idiot who’s giving them free headaches and doesn’t want to program a tweet counter correctly?

Or are we to assume that Stinky’s ponying up the dough?

Update: Johnson appears to have quietly restored Mikey, Dark, and Mikiesmoky2’s pages to the top “tweeted pages” list:

Interesting coincidence…