An Operative Phrase

Lately, there appears to be an active campaign to recruit more lizard hatchlings into the “discussion” over at LGF.  Registration seems to be open for every waking hour (with more frequent announcements, sales pitches attached), and CJ’s making an effort to sweeten the pot with silly gimmicks.  Long-time cultists like reine are starting to get in on it, trying to convince readers that it’s so great over there that an unnecessary subscription cost (higher than Netflix streaming) is “amazingly reasonable“.

But as we’ve been pointing out, despite all this work, times are a little tough over there.  A whiff of desperation fills the air. The tricks to cover up the decline continue apace as well, and we think that Alexzander here stumbles upon another example:

Don’t delude yourself, Alex. If that’s anything like the “views” counter and “tweet” counter, there’s 2,000 ghosts on LGF at ~2 AM PST.  And the actual lurkers are content to laugh and point.

Update:  I forgot to add what happened in the hour leading up to Alexzander’s comment.  This should be included for context: