Charles makes a announcement on his Tweet issues

Charles has been busted in lying about his Tweet counts. After getting caught, he played the victim card again. The Sage of Culver City claimed that people were playing around with his tweet count. He contacted to investigate. Well, Charles made an announcement on what they have found.

It’s never the fault of Charles. It’s always the “stalkers” who are messing with him. No wonder he uses a baby as an avatar.

Here’s a bonus for Diary of Daedalus readers. The resident fool at LGF, spacejesus claims that he speaks with Fox News fixtures!

Does anyone really believe that some unemployed sociology major has connections with Fox News personalities?


Rescued from Memory Hole: “LGF Pages – VDH’s Private Papers:: The Department of Food Subsidies”

Last night, it appears that Johnson was having trouble with the LGF “tweet” counter again, and mentioned that he had a real problem with the fact that lizard MikeySDCA’s pages were showing up in the top “tweeted pages” section of the left sidebar. At one point, we witnessed three of Mikey’s pages on the list, but they’ve since disappeared.

During CJ’s apparent scramble to remove them (?), DoD reader Beed noticed that two of Mikey’s pages actually wound up in the memory hole.  Since then, one has been restored, but the other (–_The_Depa) remains hidden (making it the 2nd Mikey/VDH page that CJ’s deleted).

Luckily, it would seem that Johnson has eased his stance on blocking the Google cache, and we can still find that thread that way:

And for the record, the “tweet” counter for this thread read 286 before it got flushed.

All this has us wondering: what is CJ’s problem with Mikey?

Update: It would appear that Johnson (who never reads this site) has restored this thread.  However, as I type this, MikeySDCA’s other VDH thread that we mentioned a couple weeks ago remains deleted.