Mikey Don’t Like It

Lizard MikeySDCA has been using his account to promote the works of Victor Davis Hanson in the member-authored LGF Pages quite a bit lately. Now, once upon a time, VDH was a respected mind at the swamp (Johnson posted dozens of articles dedicated to Hanson, and used to be a regular feature). These days, however, what Mikey does appears to result in the tossing of rotten fruit:

If that’s a flounce, it’s a big one from the perspective of those LGF Pages.  Mikey was on a ~5 Page/day pace over the last few months, and took it pretty seriously (we’re still wondering why any of them do, but that’s another matter).  It is a little strange that this particular comment would constitute the last straw, however, especially because we noticed one of Mikey’s recent VDH efforts actually got memory-holed (although he may not be aware).  In any case, cheers!