Poll: June’s “Best” LGF Comment

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for your input on the nomination thread. Based on the suggestions offered, and a little intuition, I think we can present 10 finalists:

There you have it! There were lots of LOL-worthy candidates, but we’ll vote on these:


The Michele Bachmann threat

Charles seems to moving away from his Ron Paul global Nazi takeover plot. He has discovered a new and more urgent danger. This new threat is named Michele Bachmann. Over the last week, Charles has become obsessed with the Presidential candidate.

Charles is doing everything in his power to save America from the Michele Bachmann threat. Ron Paul was yesterday’s threat. Now the evil Bachmann is going to take over the world and only Charles Johnson can save us!

Give me a break Charles. Michele Bachmann is just a politician running for President. Stop acting as if she’s some massive threat to the world.