Actual Tweet Counter vs. LGF “Tweet” Counter

Hah! Just look at this page on the Johnson blog:


That’s an LGF “tweet” counter.  (it counts “clicks”, as it turns out)

Here’s a real Tweet counter.  It actually counts tweets:

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Question for Daedalus Readers

I have a question for the readers here.

Killgore Trout uses Chuck logic in Delta-Saudi story

Yesterday it was reported that Delta Airlines has partnered with Saudi Arabian airlines. As we know, Jews and Christians can’t enter Saudi Arabia unless it’s on business. The point wasn’t about who can get into that nation, it’s that Delta partnered with an airline that practices apartheid. Rather than focus on that, Killgore focuses on Delta saying they don’t discriminate.

Killgore is defending Delta Airlines and thinks he’s debunked the story. However, he still misses the point.

Sattv4u2 gets it, Delta does not have to go to Saudi Arabia nor partner with SA Airlines.


Killgore is still doesn’t get it, or more than likely because of his love for Islam, is defending Delta’s decision to partner with SA Airlines.

Sattv4u2 keeps stressing that it.s not about Jews being able to enter Saudi Arabia. It’;s that Delta has allied with a company that practices discrimination.

Channeling his inner Charles, Killgore mentions the “evil” Pat Robertson as the source of the story. He clearly knows that Delta is in the wrong, but his support of Islam refuses to allow him to think clearly. SO he direct his hate at a Christian.

Sattv4u2 again stresses, that the issue isn’t whether Delta will allow Jews to fly, it’s them teaming up with an airlines that discriminates! Killgore just refuses to acknowledge the issues here. He buses Chuck logic and just avoids the whole point of the controversy.

In the LGF cult, Islam is good and Christianity is evil. Killgore displayed that mentality and like his Master Charles, he comes out looking like a fool.

LGF Approves of Gollywogs?

Someone thinks that making fun of a black man’s speech patterns is funny. I won’t name names, but his initials are Charles Johnson.

[h/t Diogenes]