Tuesday Afternoon Video- “Charles Johnson and sycophants discuss the Twitter Wars”

*Waves to Dark Falcon* Make sure you watch this one right to the end, Mr. Mountain Lion™. 😛

(Guest video post by Emperor. For other classics, check out TheEmperorsChannel on youtube.)

Chuck’s nightmare

Charles is paranoid who there are people wanting to whack him. He has created a conspiracy tale revolving around Ron Paul. He has insinuated that Paul controls the Vlaams Belang. He probably fears Ron Paul will send Belgian (Flemish), to get him!

The Sage of Culver City has nightmares about the Flemish menace! Charles probably dreads seeing these Belgian snipers waiting outside of his house!

Icarus wants an applause

Charles “Icarus” Johnson loved the applause of the crowd during his musician phase. He still shows signs of wanting the love of the crowd as a blogger. Occasionally the maharaja of LGF likes to toot his own horn on his web programming skills.

Kudos Icarus, you are as good at being a  programmer, as you were a Jazz guitarist. On cue, his minions applaud Charles’ efforts!

Charles is now happy. He made some web changes and got the applause he wanted! I wonder what website flaws Charles caused by making his changes. The Boiler Room Crew will discover.