Open Thread

clown nose on, clown nose off
Here’s an open thread, complete with a Jon Stewart “clown-nose-off, clown-nose-on” GIF, inspired by his recent self-aggrandizing comments with Chris Wallace.

AoSHQ has a thread on the interview here.

The pink border and comic sans are thrown in just to offend Bunk’s artistic sensibilities.

LGF Suckage & Karma Stats 6/10/11-6/16/11

Weekly suckage-efficiency and karma stats for LGF for the week beginning 06/10/2011 thru 6/16/2011 (Friday thru Thursday) [previous week’s stats].

No suckage stats were collected this week, but it’s a safe bet that the top two suckage-efficacy leaders for the week remained unchanged. Only either SteelPH or publicityStunted has been top suckup since we’ve been compiling the suckage efficiency stats.

The average karma for every single comment last week at LGF was +2.00. Old reliable Buck won top spot in both average and total net negative karma. Bottom ten newcomer acfunk was in second place in total accumulated negative karma, with several of the most down-dinged comments for the week.

  weekly karma average – BAD     weekly karma totals – BAD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 -2.125  buck     -265   buck
 0.463  guanxi88     -96   acfunk
 0.490  mr pancakes     -92   guanxi88
 0.508  capitalist tool     -60   albusteve
 0.638  naso tang     -45   samgak
 0.649  winny spencer     -33   flamingtoad
 0.654  gehazi     -31   hal_10000
 0.829  reloadingisnotahobby     -24   lronhoover
 0.892  rogueone     -22   capitalist tool
 1.016  phillypretzel     -15   rwmofo

Below are the bottom dozen or so comments of the week in a GIF with a dozen or so second delay. Click GIF for a montage if there’s a long one you want to read:

Here are this week’s good karma stats. As always, Johnson is the per-comment karma leader. Unsurprisingly, since he again was among the top most active commenters last week, Charles also lead in total positive karma accumulated for the week:

  weekly karma average – GOOD     weekly karma totals – GOOD
  k-avg   nic     k-tot   nic
 7.673  charles     1289   charles
 4.841  shiplord kirel     1235   obdicut
 4.581  elizajane     732   decatur deb
 3.900  robert o.     670   kragar (proud to be kafir)
 3.625  curiouslurker     656   killgore trout
 3.471  engineer dog     653   albusteve
 3.413  lidane     598   slumbering behemoth
 3.400  publicitystunted     575   darthstar
 3.357  mr.fusion     544   targetpractice etc

Below are the top dozen or so most highly rated comments of the week. Click the GIF image for a montage.

NB – karma stats measure net karma; minimum of 20 comments required for karma-per-comment averages stats.