The Sage of Culver City wishes he had thought of this

Charles Johnson is a Global Warming fanatic. It is one of his top causes and he supports the Green agenda with a vengence. Obviously there are people reading his mind! A group of Global Warming fanatics will put humanity on a mock trial!

Around 20 Nobel prize winners will preside over a mock courtroom in Stockholm on Tuesday, with the Planet Earth and humanity on opposing sides of the case, as part of a symposium to highlight global sustainability.

“It’s a civil court case to see whether we’ve breached our relations” with the planet, “and to see how to restore that relationship,” symposium chair Johan Rockström told reporters at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


“History will in any case judge us,” Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren told reporters, explaining the “trial” was actually about humanity judging itself with future generations in mind

Is it possible the Elusive Quixote will be one of the judges? Will Charles Johnson be one of the witnesses against Humanity? If that is the case, he’s the perfect case against humanity. I am sure the Sage of Culver City wishes he had thought of this idea!

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  1. a-naughty-mouse says:

    A very anti semetic post is put on the Pages. A real Israel Lobby is a militaristic killing lobby article.

    AIPAC: Dangerous for Jews and Other Living Things

    Remember the poster that said “War: Dangerous for People and Other Living Things”? Well the idea is that AIPAC is simply a mindless war machine

    Lizards are trying to figure out where they stand.

    6 windsagio Tue, May 17, 2011 6:36:32pm

    until we get a page like this its easy to forget that LGF is an extreme rightwing site as far as Israel goes >>

    • Philip_Daniel says:

      Wow…AIPAC is a “war machine”, but Mujahideen — not only in Israel, but in India, Thailand, Burma, China, the Philippines, Russia…as well — are not?

      Islamism — Islamic Imperialism — is the very definition of a “war machine”, transcending time and space for more than a millennium, from Siberia to Zanzibar, from Portugal to Quanzhou…

      But it’s Da Joooooooooooooos who constitute a threat…

      Let’s ignore what those peacenik, mystical Naqshbandi Sufis write, shall we…

      “The Aim of Jihad…
      [T]he Aim of Jihad is to eradicate evil, establish justice and promote virtue…
      Surely, Islam enjoins Jihad…to guide it onto the straight path…
      The Importance of Hadith
      Those who do not believe in Allah nor in the Akhirah, and do not accept the true faith must not be taken as friends. They are those who do not submit to what has been forbidden by Allah and His Prophet SAW. Here, the prohibitions by Allah and by the Holy Prophet SAW have been given the same status. This is because the commands of Holy Prophet SAW are indeed the Injunctions of Allah and a denier of these Injunctions will be dealt with through Jihad. The People of the Book, because of their denial of certain aspects of Islam, also fall in the same category. Jihad will be waged against all such repudiators, until they surrender and accept to live in subjugation in the Islamic State, paying Jizyah.
      The Reasons for Jihad
      Four aspects have been mentioned here (1) belief in Allah, (2) belief in the Akhirah, (3) acceptance of the Divine categorisation of the Forbidden and the Permissible and (4) acceptance of Islam as the Din. Where any one of these four aspects is missing, such people will be obliged to pay Jizyah and live as subordinates in an Islamic State. Otherwise Jihad will be waged against them, in order to rid the State of this wickedness…
      The Jews claimed that Prophet ‗Uzair AS was Allah‘s son while the Christians believed the same for Prophet ‗Isa AS. They made such a preposterous statement without any evidence. May Allah destroy them for their insistence upon such blasphemy! Every nation in its own way holds some image of Allah, which cannot be accepted as a proof of believing in Him. Therefore, Jihad will be undertaken against such people unless they pay Jizyah, a tax which the Muslim ruler levies at his discretion in return for the non believers‘ safety in the Islamic State. Since Jizyah replaces the death penalty for disbelief, its payment will absolve the payer from capital punishment…
      Supremacy of Islam
      This Ayah serves not only as a harbinger to the dominance of Islam but also claims that Islam has come only to prevail and remain dominant in the world. The reason for this is that the Holy Prophet SAW has presented the best solutions for every problem of human life. He has taught the best possible way of executing its affairs, whether political, fiscal, moral or mutual, in complete harmony with the human temperaments. And all this has been declared as the true Din… [T]o conduct one‘s affairs in the light of the truth is Din and this practical aspect of Islam is indeed the reason for its prevalence…Therefore, every sentient person will accept this true faith and it shall prevail over the other religions of the world. History bears witness to the victory of Islam over the ungodly religions and its complete sway over the globe…
      Even today, if we resolve to subordinate our practical lives to Islam, it is Allah‘s Promise to bless the Muslims with dominance over the entire world.”

      From Asrar Ul Tanzeel, Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan,

      Nope, no Islamist threat here…

      It’s the Zionist Jooooooooooooooos who are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil, folks…

  2. nils says:

    So is there an official phrase for this – extending “human rights” to inanimate objects? “Human rights” doesn’t work. “Matter rights”? Whatta buncha clowns.

    • Bunk X says:

      Humans destroy. Animals create. Plants have rights, too.

      You can’t eat animals. They’re all sentient.
      You can’t eat plants, because they feel pain, too.
      You can’t eat rocks, because spirits live in them.
      Cannibalism? Hmmm. Nope, unless you eat yourself, and there aren’t many contortionists.

      We’re Dooooomed.

  3. doppelganger says:

    and all of the participants will be flying to the trial in their Gulfstream V jets

    what a joke

  4. Philip_Daniel says:

    Listen to the Land

    Oh, wait, this song glorifies exploiting and raping the earth through the polluting institution of agriculture!!!

    Evil EPCOT! Evil Disney!

  5. Walter von Dichische says:

    The Swedes are more interested in WUB:

  6. garycooper says:

    “We the jury of 20 Nobel Prize libtards find the defendant Humanity GUILTY on all counts, Your Honor. Rape, murder, littering, all in the first degree, and all punishable by Death. Self-administered Death, of course. Humanity must and will commit suicide. Billions will die.”

    This mock-trial will provide us with plenty of material for mocking, I predict. 🙂

  7. garycooper says:

    Triumphant Return Of The Victor:

    Pure awesome. Right into the trophy. 🙂

  8. William Standish Knowles says:

    If earth “wins” billions must die!!!

  9. sacred ham says:

  10. beeduwine says:

    I wonder what the outcome of that trial will be!

  11. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    LGF now morphing into a blog bastion of “queers for Palestine”…

    • Walter von Dichische says:

      Furries for Fillistine? Animals for Aqsa? Birds for Quds? Chickens against checkpoints?

  12. Roger says:

    Correct name of symposium is Slavers United

  13. Roger says:

    If I ever win the Nobel Prize I will not claim it

  14. Daffy Duck says:

    “It’s a civil court case to see whether we’ve breached our relations” with the planet, “and to see how to restore that relationship,”

    Is old Mother Earth on trial as well, to evaluate whether perhaps she has “breached our relations?” I think 150 years of us raping and pillaging for ores and fossils fuels is not too much to ask from a planet that has been diddling us hard with winds and waves and quakes and volcanoes and all kinds of havoc.

    • Walter von Dichische says:

      Mother Earth just needs a good vibrator to make her happy. Fracking. Problem solved.

  15. garycooper says:

    Walter von Dichische :Mother Earth just needs a good vibrator to make her happy. Fracking. Problem solved.

    She loves it…sideways, doggy or missionary, doesn’t matter.