The Return of the Elusive Quixote

Our old friend LudwigVanQuixote has return. After being attacked by the Failed Porn star’s gang and warned by her puppet Charles, he returns. A video is circulating that shows climate scientists rapping.

This raises Ludwig’s hope and pay attention to his favorite verse.

The small town college Physics teacher shows his misogynist side. He thinks that verse will make the song popular with the pop music crowd. However, Slumbering Behemoth throws cold water on Ludwig’s hopes.

Ludwig didn’t appear on the rest of the thread. He once again disappears before Iceweasel and her gang can target him for his oral sex reference.

I have faith t Elusive Quixote will be sighted again! He’s out there watching and lurking!

39 Comments on “The Return of the Elusive Quixote”

  1. Speranza says:

    Billions will die!

  2. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    Lood sez (reposted from last thread):

    End of the day, seriously, look at what is going on in America right now, from droughts to floods to Tornadoes.

    You know, he’s right. I can’t remember any of those things happening in years past, or in my past lives, or in the Bible.

    In fact, none of those words are even in my dictionary. The Climate Scientists™ had to invent new vocabulary to describe what Gorebull Warmening is doing to us. Want proof? Well, “Tornado” is such a new word, it still gets capitalized, like “Internet” or “Telephone” when they were young.

    Lood, you’re a genius!

    • stonemason says:

      See, if I really cared, I would learn how to block quote like that. He’s afraid to come here to debate this with intelligent (and mocking) people. He wouldn’t be caught on WUWT either. His hysteria gives him away as a simple minded follower, and the ‘millions of gun injuries’ slip by the blog owner the other day has me wondering if the bigot is just another sock.
      I will admit that if he is, it has been a pretty incredible run, very well done.

    • KGB says:

      Indeed. They’re all NEWNOUNS.

  3. Walter von Dichische says:

    Loody, why for you capitalize tornado?

  4. Walter von Dichische says:

    Oh! He’s talking about is car! the 1977 Oldsmobile Toronodo.

  5. gus_812 says:


    nobody will take you seriously as a scientist if all you talk about is sucking dick in Copenhagen. The Copenhageners are tasty, this is true, but still – keep it to yourself. You are a serious scientist.

    Your brother in cock


  6. gus_812 says:

    Hey, why don’t you guys pick on somebody your own size for a change?

    Pathetic stalker pussies.

    I’m just about ready to go all gorilla on your lillywhites, right after I get some other stuff done first.

  7. Walter von Dichische says:

    Does he really think this is going to persuade anybody? Or is that even the point?

    Climate pr0n. When real pr0n just doesn’t do it.

  8. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    penis penis penis

  9. Voltaires Crack says:

    Note to any of Ludwig’s students. Prepare for an audio/video demonstration in your next class.

  10. Juan Epstein says:

  11. Voltaires Crack says:

    Luddite ought to talk to my many friends in Queensland.

    The warmistas predicted drought due to global warming and were able to divert the levee-building funds to a(now-failed) desalinization plant – the justification being that Queensland was going to be dry as a bone due to global warming and therefore extra water was needed.

    We all know how that worked out. Well, they did get their extra water.

    The levees would have been a better idea, but a true fan like LVQ would never own up to the chain of events.


  12. dwells38 says:

    I’m sure LVQ and Charles hat this guy:

    the interview is conducted by a pinhead but Joe makes his points well:

  13. Ludwig says:

  14. Ludwig says:

  15. Ludwig says:

    You stalker jerk who said I Ludwig sucked the dick are idiots. It was only ten times or so, which is not statistically significant. You’d know that if you understood algebra.


    *Those were more than ten times.

  16. Banshee's Banned Ghost says:

    Here’s the official list of Everything That’s Caused by Global Warming™. Lood could probably add a few, such as the inability to find good dick anywhere but in Copenhagen.

    • gizbot7 says:

      Holy fucktards — AGW is responsible for shrinking brains and slavery? Well, at least they took acne off the list, I was starting to worry for a minute there!

  17. freetaxkiller says:

    “Gore Ball News Net Worth News Flash”

    Global Warming Bonzi Attack Stalled by Colorado Snow Storm.

    Ya, Ludwigg, its just weather, but some 1,000’s of years out, it glicers up.

    And 11″ in three day and snow to the 16th seen coming, then 16 days after that,
    June down hill for U.S.,, need a lift ticket just post your need here.

    • Archonix (i sverige) says:

      Sweden and most of northern europe has had an unusually warm spring. I was in Dalarna the week before last, the place is meant to be buried under snow until the end of May. Of course it’s already being held up as a sign of global warmening, even though other parts of Europe are having unusually cold snaps and australia is having its earliest winter snow for some time.

      It’s almost like it was a bound chaotic system or something.

      • Walter von Dichische says:

        Even though the Portland-Seattle-Vancouver corridor in North America is freezing ass cold in the middle of May…

      • Archonix (i sverige) says:

        All that ice is proof of global warming! Check the fridge! BILLIONS OF FRIDGES!

  18. buzzsawmonkey says:

    Mad King Yertle’s pond may be deluded, but it hasn’t been de-Lewded yet.

  19. sacred ham says:

  20. Juan Epstein says:

    Athiest version of Christian rock…

  21. beeduwine says:

    Juan Epstein :
    Athiest version of Christian rock…


  22. LudwigVanPeyote says:

    You guys are idiots and fools, not once in my life have I ever sucked upon another man’s penis.

    However, I have held several in my mouth until the swelling went down, so see, that’s not sucking so it doesn’t count.

  23. William Standish Knowels says:

    …”This has been predicted for years. It is happening now. It will get vastly worse.”…
    Spot-on dude. Follow the link.