Ludwig gets philosophical

LudwigVanQuixote answers his critics on LGF. For the last week, he has been taking on his former paramour, the ex Pornstar Iceweasel. He knows her game and sees the writing on the wall. He is now marked for a banning. Rather than cower and hide, he stands his ground and decides to finally answer Iceweasel and her minions.

This man clearly is no great thinker. He’s an intellectually dishonest hypocrite. He needs to stick to his comedy routine. Clearly, Iceweasel has gotten to his head and he’s more deranged than ever! This man really needs help and should go explore the real world.

(Hat Tip: John Difool)


Friday Afternoon Quote

From last night’s overnight thread at LGF:

The Sage of Culver City still thinks of Pam

This is really getting old. Charles once again attacks Pam Geller. He can’t let go of her and attacks her, yet again!

He mocks her for her Birther stance. This coming from a man who believes Ron Paul is on the verge of re-establishing the 4th Reich. He has no credibility and all this does is show his obsession with Pam Geller. The Sage of Culver City needs to let her go. She will never be yours Charles!