Rescued from Memory Hole: “Major UK Islamic Terrorist Plot Foiled”

Back on LGF in 2005, in a thread titled “Pro-Syrian Collapse in Lebanon?”, there was a TVE (thread vanishing event) that took place in broad daylight, and was witnessed by pretty much every lizard who was online at the time. Like the “Palestinian Times” TVE we mentioned previously, CJ was compelled to address the lizard horde on the issue:

It was true.  The story was actually a year old.  The thread in question was:

Or as Johnson elaborated:

Ring or no ring, the Boiler Room is pleased to announce that, with the help of our cunning “little birdy”, post #15,248 is disappeared no more:

Incidentally, engineer No. 2 is pretty well versed in the art of comment forensics, and has noted that 38 comments went into the memory hole along with this thread (hopefully, most of which were pointing out that CJ was being a dipshit again).

Oh, and…yea:


Chuckie off his leash in Madison…

For your amusement!

hat tip to Jim Hoft and The Osprey

The Sage of Culver City will be Smithsonian Bound

The cultists at LGF really believe Charles Johnson is the leader of some influential movement. They are so delusional, that they feel he will be mentioned in the Smithsonian Museum in the future.

A Replica of the Sage of Culver City will be in the Smithsonian Museum one day. No word on whether his pissing cup and Cheetos bag will be there as well.

Does this poster really believe this crap?

Is LvQ OK?

Did the timeout – mid-December through mid-January – have any impact on our favorite slut-shaming, liberal rage-boy LudwigVanQuixote?

Running his stats through our reverse-engineered correlator tool™ that some marsupial dragged into the boiler room, with the dial set on weekly we get this picture:

Note how LvQ didn’t really blossom as a commenter until mid-2009, what a great year 2010 was for him, and how 2011 is back down to early 2009 levels.

Adjusting the dials to give a running average over ten days of LvQ’s daily comments, with endpoints set approximately equally – 100 days – from the beginning and end of his infamous time-out period, we get this picture:

Note that while his daily comment average post-timeout (13) is less than half his pre-timeout average (27) for an equivalent time span (~100 days), his ten day rolling average is on the rise, so maybe LudwigVanQuixote’s contributions will eventually recover to 2010 lulz levels.