Stalker Alert

The Sage of Culver City is crying out the Stalker alert alarm. His wikipedia page is being edited by someone for accuracy. Charles hates the truth and wants to control all information about him. Always eager to play the Martyr card, he whines about his latest Stalker!

Charles is always victim and his critics are stalkers. Has it ever occurred to him, that if you make many enemies, that you will have many critics. The Sage of Culver City lives in a sheltered paranoid world where he is persecuted. The reality is he’s a smear merchant who needs to be taken on.


Iceweasel admits to sullying a post

Former Porn star Iceweasel admits to sullying LGF posts.

Iceweasel sullied LGF as soon as she got there. The ex Porn star acts as high and pompous, when in fact she’s a low life individual. Her bullying antics and the fact that the Sage of Culver City as a puppet is a testament to her vile nature. She’s a manipulator and uses people when convenient. She ruined LGF and that was her goal the whole time.