Ironic ad on LGF

Charles has a post bragging about his most retweeted threads. What has me laughing besides Chuck thinking he’s still important is the ad at the bottom of the post.

That’s one thing Chuck doesn’t have; common sense! The Jazz Man is a pathetic internet laughing-stock!


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  1. Walter von Dichische says:


  2. Walter von Dichische says:

    Maybe it’s time for Chucky to do a tactical retweet?

  3. OMG! that’s freaking hilarious!

  4. Palandine says:

    Dear LGF readers,

    On Wednesday a jihadi murdered two American servicemen in Germany. That jihadi came from a country where America took sides against the Christian population and bombed in order to protect the Muslim population.

    Back in the day, LGF would have noticed that.

    So what was so important on Wednesday that Charles didn’t cover it?

    *Fox News Suspends Gingrich and Santorum
    *Libyan Fighting Intensifies,US Warships in Suez Canal
    *Anti-Choice Group Called Two Fetuses as Witnesses
    *Mike Huckabee and Brian Fischer: “Obama is Fundamentally Anti-American”
    *Tech Corner: iPad 2 Springs Forth
    *Overnight Open Thread

    Carry on lizards, and stay relevant…

  5. sacred ham says:

    Chucky don’t give a shit, as long as the money is green. Or to put it another way:

  6. PrivateJohnson says:

    Has anyone, anywhere made the point that in the present US work force of (approx) 120-million people, only 15-million are in labor unions. Of that 15-million, slightly more than HALF are employed by none other than the US government.

    So, using some high fallutin’ math, we can see that the percentage of people in unions is…. 12.5% of the total.

    Now, next time you hear or see someone (on -say- some misbegotten blog somewhere) talking about how (and this is in regard to the BULLSHIT that is going down in Wisconsin by all the union thugs etc.)…. talking about how “the people will prevail… that the Republicans will fail” blah-blah-blah.

    Just remember, the unions are in the vast minority….. the (so-called) “people” prevailed last November and the unions are ready for the scrap heap of history.

    They are corrupt. They breed laziness and shitty “where’s mine” attitudes. And, the labor force in this country that has been carrying these slackers for so long has had enough.

    Good bye labor unions. If you don’t like it, go off and cry in the corner… then GROW UP.

  7. swamprat says:

    Are any one of these an original work?

    Or is he bragging on broadcasting recycled left-wing talking points?

    • Walter von Dichische says:

      They’re typical LFG posts – somebody else’s piece cited, with a sentence or two added by teh Chunk.

      • nils says:

        Actually, they’re LGF PAGES articles – written not by Johnson but by your average loozards.

      • sacred ham says:

        No, these are LGF articles. Like it says, he already did one of these for the LGF Pages. Remember, it’s Pages with a capital P to indicate their Importance.

  8. snowcrash says:

    Wonder how effective they are at driving traffic his way?

    • nils says:

      If he gets 100% hits on his front page from 400 tweets his Views counts will go up by 12x, i.e. nearly 5000 new ‘Views’. That’s the way it works, as he’s explained. So however effective it is, it’s not nearly as effective as his DIY (vs., e.g. Alexa) Views Counts when it comes to ‘traffic’.

  9. Overlook says:

    I have to find a way back to Swat. I had no idea the Wally had such big tweets.

  10. nils says:

    sacred ham :
    No, these are LGF articles. Like it says, he already did one of these for the LGF Pages. Remember, it’s Pages with a capital P to indicate their Importance.

    Oh – my bad – you’re right.

  11. Walter von Dichische says:

    Here’s what Ludwig’s “smart grid” has in store:

    Ludwig? Ludwig? Oh, that’s right. You’re the Shabbos guy.

    • nils says:

      Yeah I read that. Wonder where we’d be now if these eco-geniuses had been around 200 years ago and gotten their wishes? All of us dining on slug-slime seasoned kale and living in teepees I guess.

  12. Bureaucat says:

    My son checked his LGF account to see if it was still active. Charles deleted it. Probably because we share an IP address.

    My son had not commented for a long time.

    What a paranoid freak the Kindlepimp has become.

    • Emperor says:

      The Correlator Tool™ strikes again!

    • nils says:

      Johnson is resolutely IP blocking McDonalds and Starbucks all over the world even as we speak. So many potential socks, so little time, so much inevitable collateral damage from the dread ‘correlator tool’.

    • William Standish Knowels says:

      Sins of the father.

    • Macker says:

      HA! I was able to sneak in to LGF yesterday from an IP address which has NOTHING to do with Mickey D’s or Starbucks. Registration was not open, so I couldn’t go anything further.
      He’ll NEVER KNOW the next time I nuke his ass.

  13. William Standish Knowels says:

    OT, but not really cuz anything that points out Chunks flunks is on topic, I wonder if any of the reptiles noticed that in Chunks “Onion: Congress Names Official US Language” page the only real people shown in the piece were Dems. Oscar Myer (Weaner) and the Purple Plumprenill (Barney Frank).

  14. OT-

    I just got done updating the memory hole mosaic, as it appears that CJ has “reappeared” a couple of those on there. Looking at the logs, he really couldn’t make up his mind on Fjordman, as his threads have been removed and restored a few times now (currently removed).

  15. Walter von Dichische says:

    Any idea what that ad links to? Is it a Mickey Moore thing?

  16. freetaxeskill says:

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  17. Malachi Mulligan says:

    sacred ham :
    No, these are LGF articles. Like it says, he already did one of these for the LGF Pages. Remember, it’s Pages with a capital P to indicate their Importance.

    You mean imPortance.

  18. Doppelganger says:

    people of substance don’t need to advertise their success.

    ( if you can call 88 retweets in one entiere month a success )

  19. Doppelganger says:

    how many twitter sock accounts does this loser have?

    I’ll bet 90% of his retweets are done by him

  20. Voltaires Crack says:

    158 Walter L. Newton Fri, Mar 4, 2011 10:33:20pm replyquote

    * 2
    * down
    * up
    * report

    re: #155 sattv4u2

    Speaking about old crabby guys

    How are you tonight, Walter!?

    ((hell ,, for that matter, you could ask me the same!!))

    I’m fine. Just got home from work. looking over emails. getting ready to go to bed soon. May have a bowl of cereal. Probably take a shit first. Tmi?

    Think the lizards got the dig?