Silly Douche brought this to the attention of Diary of Daedalus. Hey Chuckie, did your correlator tool break down this morning? Better take a look at it, pal.

I’m telling you, “The Stupid, IT BURNS!!!”

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  1. Rabbi Snowflake Slutshamer, Scientist says:

    Chuck agrees with the second part. Catholics are the root of all evil.

  2. sacred ham says:

    Chuck is posting comments on that thread and hasn’t said a word about the Protocols reference. Well, well, well.

  3. Rabbi Snowflake Slutshamer, Scientist says:

    Doesn’t the nic “happywarrior” imply some sort of bloodlust?

  4. buzzsawmonkey says:

    I have no clue what that moronic statement refers to, so I will merely observe that “Happy Warrior” was the nickname of Republican President Theodore Roosevelt.

  5. sacred ham says:

    btw, note the first comment on that thread:

    They wouldn’t know a moderate Muslim if they hit them in the face, which wouldn’t be a bad idea…

    Nice, huh?

  6. mtc says:

    How terrible! Some of the people listed are Jewish themselves; they despise the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was written by the Tsarist secret police. All these people want is for the country to be safe.

  7. buzzsawmonkey says:

    BTW, I have to say that there is an elegant abstract simplicity to the DoD store icon on the right, showing the bloated biker on a downhill grade. Frankly, that would look at least as good on a shirt or mug as the “boiler room” pic.

  8. mtc says:

    The Happy Warrior was Al Smith.

    • buzzsawmonkey says:

      Oh, hell—you’re right. Is my face red!

    • nil says:

      Hubert H. Humphrey, LBJ’s VP from MN, was also, quite popularly and more recently, the Happy Warrior.

    • buzzsawmonkey says:

      Ah—found the source of my error. John Dos Passos refers to Theodore Roosevelt as “The Happy Warrior” as the title and in the text of his bio of TR in 1919, the second book of his great three-volume novel USA.

      The moniker apparently comes originally from a poem by William Wordsworth.

      • garycooper says:

        We referred to retired Red Wing Joey Kocur as “The Happy Warrior,” too. One of the few guys I’ve seen smile all the way through a slugfest, win or lose. He didn’t lose many. 🙂

  9. swamprat says:

    7 updingy-wingies from 7 lefty wingy-dingies.

    And he managed to associate Catholic bashing as a negative on a blog that pushes Catholic bashing. Nice twist! Got a little anti-Geller pandering in, too. This post is a masterpiece!

  10. sacred ham says:

    You know, enough with the half-hearted “I changed my position” and “I parted ways” crap. Charles, by his own current standards, used to be an ignorant racist anti-Muslim bigot. If he’s going to accuse Geller, Spencer, et. al. of that now, he needs to openly say, “I used to be an anti-Muslim racist and a bigot, but now I’m not.” Otherwise he’s holding others to a standard that he won’t apply to himself. He goes out of his way to vehemently “renounce” his former colleagues, over and over abd at great length, but has never really renounced his former self.

    No, I’m not holding my breath.

  11. swamprat says:

    Calling four people out as religious bigots is an interesting comment on a blog that gets many talking points from the atheist blog world. While I enjoy zom gits kriss, (or whatever her name is) and I greatly like Pat Condell, the catholic rapist posts are rather tiresome.

    Of course, both of those worthies are not in favor since they had the audacity to publicly bash muslims.

    • buzzsawmonkey says:

      The whole keening-about-“bigotry” thing is getting old. Like “racist,” “bigot” is supposed to be an all-purpose blanket ad hominem dismissal (didn’t the Mad King rail against ad hominems, once upon a time?) which for the most part has nothing whatsoever to do with the merits of someone’s position.

  12. swamprat says:

    How about the “it’s in the koran” musical thread? I’ll bet that one was slipped out the back door quite a while ago.

  13. nil says:

    buzzsawmonkey :
    The whole keening-about-”bigotry” thing is getting old. Like “racist,” “bigot” is supposed to be an all-purpose blanket ad hominem dismissal (didn’t the Mad King rail against ad hominems, once upon a time?) which for the most part has nothing whatsoever to do with the merits of someone’s position.

    The Mad King railed about ad hominems all the time. Here’s a good one, replete with ‘Neanderthal’ irony and a ‘sideways’ to boot:

    #202 (618200) charles 0 [2004-03-23 11:01:07]

    If I have to choose between honoring the opinions of 4 ad hominem-slinging, nitpicking jerks with axes to grind, or the 30,000-50,000 people who visit LGF each day and obviously enjoy it, who do you think I’ll choose?
    I know that in your opinion, all 50,000 of those people are Neanderthals and knuckle draggers. But I have a little more respect for them, and for the people who contribute to the LGF discussions.
    In fact, I have a lot more respect for our readers and commenters.
    Go ahead and find as many examples of outrageous comments as you like; just remember that for every outrageous comment, there are at least a thousand others (no exaggeration) expressing careful opinions, imparting factual knowledge, and generally mixing it up. I think what really bothers you more than anything is that I’ve found a formula and a balance that works — really well — and you don’t like that. It’s double plus ungood.
    But I value this place enormously for what it has taught me, and taught others, and frankly, you can take your snooty, high-handed, elitist ‘critique,’ run it past your team of fact-checking attorneys, and then ram it up your nose. Sideways.
    (I lied, I know; but this one really is my last comment on the subject.)

    • swamprat says:

      That was a good, well reasoned comment from Charles. In the background my mind hears the Dixie Chicks doing an especially ironic redition of “Long Time Gone”

      “Longtime gone
      And it ain’t coming back again”

      intermixed with Montgomery Gene’s “Gone”

      “Gone like a freight train
      Gone like yesterday
      Gone like a soldier in the Civil War
      Bang bang!
      Gone like a ’59 Cadillac
      Like all the good things, that ain’t never comin’ back”

      I think what started as open debate got curtailed into an amen chorus. I understand the need to cull those out to make his blog look bad by posting poisonous comments, and I understand the need to keep harmony….but somewhere the train left the tracks.

  14. DEZ says:

    Sure enough, the bloated blogger is upset that the Code Pinkos have been called sluts and long in the tooth.

  15. beeduwine says:

    Sun, Feb 13, 2011 1:38:49pm
    re: #180 Talking Point Detective

    You seem to be saying that all rational criticism of militant Islam is based on bigotry, and I strongly disagree. After the 9/11 attacks, it was a perfectly rational response to want to know more about the Islamic rationale for jihad, and that was always my main focus at LGF — getting as much information about the subject as possible.

    I’ve made it extremely clear that I want nothing to do with any form of bigotry, and I’ve been smeared and vilified all over the web as a result. I think I paid my dues on this issue, in spades, and I don’t really appreciate the implication that I was a “bigot” for wanting to do what I could to push back against terrorism.

    • buzzsawmonkey says:

      He “wants nothing to do with any form of bigotry,” yet he permits the Lewd Wig to post his unhinged rants? Oh, yeah—that’s credible.

    • DEZ says:

      He does want in both ways doesn’t he.

    • sacred ham says:

      You beat me to it!

    • swamprat says:

      But, of course, bigotry against conservatives, Christians, southern states, Catholics …. is A-OK. And we will avoid any mention whatsoever against any muslim excesses, or any democrat foibles, or any leftwing stupidities. We will only mention conservative, christian, southern events and themes that fit a predetermined template.

      Because when you push a weakly supported agenda you cannot allow debate.

    • snowcrash says:

      Push back against terrorism? He is full of it. He took great delight in presenting stories about car-b-q’s in France and Islamic rage boy’s ugly face and workplace accidents by “splodydopes”. He is a liar about having pure motives of pushing back against terrorism.

  16. sacred ham says:

    Ha, looks like Talking Poo Dispenser raised the ire of the Portly Pundit by saying that the anti-jihad movement was “steeped in bigotry” from the start, i.e. Chuck was one of the “bigots.”

    I’ve made it extremely clear that I want nothing to do with any form of bigotry, and I’ve been smeared and vilified all over the web as a result. I think I paid my dues on this issue, in spades, and I don’t really appreciate the implication that I was a “bigot” for wanting to do what I could to push back against terrorism.

    Ooh, he doesn’t like it when he’s held to his own standards, does he? Imagine my surprise. Fraud.

  17. sacred ham says:

    TPD and Chuck are trying to find some common ground in that they both eschew “Islamophobia.” Chuck has alway been on guard against Islamophobia, we are told.

    Well, if you do an archives search on “islamophobic” or “islamophobe,” you’ll see that for many years, Chuck generally used the term sarcastically, often in quotes, correctly stating that a standard knee-jerk tactic for discrediting critics of militant Islam was to tar them as “Islamophobes.” Yet that’s exactly what he’s doing now.

    Charles is like the little kid who stomps his feet and insists to his mom, “No, I didn’t take any of those chocolate chip cookies! Didn’t, didn’t, didn’t!” while his mouth and hands are covered with smudges of chocolate. It would almost be amusing, if he wasn’t such a jerk.

    • swamprat says:

      You realize that you have probably set him on another archive quest, purging all traces of islamophobia in sarc quotes…..

  18. snowcrash says:

    When Charles is a bigot, it is instructional. When Charles criticises Islam it is providing a service. Lol at Charles, no one is buying what you are selling. Your rebranding of lgf and your own new and imporoved reputation is a FAIL.

  19. sacred ham says:

    Well, before these glaring contradictions make any of the loozards uncomfortable, hey, it’s time for a new Breitbart-bashing thread! And all the lizards were happy again.

  20. swamprat says:

    Maybe, just maybe , it might occur to him that some of those against whom he rails are not actually bigots, but may, in fact, be legitimately against radical islam while not being full bore anti-muslim rabid droolers. Perhaps they are even as nuanced as he, himself.

    Just a thought..

  21. Mark says:


    Methinks Talking Points Detective is a pro-Jihadi Muslim:

    “To be clear, those people (anti-Jihad critics) are pigs of the highest order.”

    This sounds suspiciously like a Jihadi speaking-
    Wonder if he thinks Jews are “the sons of Pigs and Apes” too? Or does he just reserve that for Zionists?

  22. sacred ham says:

    From a quick re-scan of that thread, it looks like they’ve agreed that (a) anyone who criticizes Chuck is a bigot and (b) critics hate Chuck because he exposes bigotry and racism. It’s very similar to the tactic that Scientology uses to dismiss critics and circle the wagons – anyone who criticizes SCN does so because they realize how much good SCN is doing, and therefore, since the critics are bad people, they feel they must stop SCN. If you buy that basic self-justifying premise, then all criticism is automatically classified as the product of evil intentions and is invalidated, without even having to consider the actual facts.

  23. Speranza says:

    mtc :
    The Happy Warrior was Al Smith.

    Hubert Humphrey was also the Happy Warrior.

  24. Loodie's assless chaps says:

    I was and remain and always will be Islamophobic. Not to fear and hate an ideology that wants to subjugate the world is to be a fapping idiot. As for Muslims, as long as they’re lax about their obligation to kill or convert me, and otherwise leave me the hell alone, I look on their faith as an unfortunate private affliction, like syphilis or a fondness for Elvis. Soon as you try to mess with my life, though, you become my foe.

    Of course, the same applies to socons.

  25. livefreeor die says:

    Luddy is in the house and so far we have two, count ’em, TWO manifestos. Here’s the first one. It’s great how his own need for superiority through intellect comes shining through:

    Sun, Feb 13, 2011 4:37:39pm replyquote 9downupreport

    re: #96 Renaissance_Man

    They don’t think that’s a bad thing. Like everything else the modern American Conservative says, it’s just a noise that conveys an emotion. In this case, ‘community organising’ is the way Obama was labeled. Thus it is something to be vilified, because it is now associated with Obama. That’s basically it. Had he been labeled as a ‘Harvard law professor’, that would have been similarly scorned.

    But Harvard law professor and community organizer, pander to two different fears that the propagandists play to the hilt. They are two different dog whistles that re being used in tandem.

    Harvard law professor, means intellectually superior. The right wing knows that the typical Harvard Law professor is vastly smarter than they. Bush’s having been at Yale was not threatening, because Bush was obviously of the most mediocre intellect. Wingnut Americans can stand someone being more wealthy that they, because they have the delusion that someday, they too will be wealthy and then will get to take on the same smug airs of flase superiority. However, they know for a fact that smarter will always outclass them. They know for a fact that more educated will always outclass them. In short, someone with an actual education beats them hands down and they know it. This pisses them off – because they feel they can’t possibly relate to such a person and because hey know in their own hearts that being stupid, they are not appreciated for their meager talents by the educated.

    What is worse, is a Black Harvard law professor. The wingnut would love to desperately cling to the false notion that he is superior by mere fact of his pale pink complexion. To have a black man clearly outclass them strips them of any air of superiority.

    This is the bridge to community organizer. That means that a smart black man is organizing blacks. The racist wanks of the wingnut class know full well how badly they treat minorities. The idea that those minorities might do to them, what they have don to minorities scares them green. This is exactly the point behind the original Sherrod smear.

    The point is that don’t discount it as just a frothing of silly emotion. We have to be clear about the terrible propaganda it is and just why it works so well amongst the ranks of terrified aging white folks who feel the world slipping form their grasp.

    The money quote: “Smarter will always outclass them.” Luddy thinks he is smarter than everybody. Therefore, saying “F— you sideways, B—-” must be classy.

    • livefreeor die says:

      The really hysterical thing is that a few posts later, someone points out that 0 was never a professor at Harvard.

      • Loodie's assless chaps says:

        And the really sad thing is seeing a tl;dr banal prefab libtard post like this getting dinged up to that extent. This says it all about The New LGF.

        Crunk rulez OK!

    • Loodie's assless chaps says:

      Dear Lood, what is “flase superiority,” and where can I buy some?

    • swamprat says:

      Good lord! Everybody who doesn’t like Obama is a racist who doesn’t like smart black people? lvq sure used a lot of words to repeat that old slur. Christ, I wish the Republicans would field a black presidential candidate so we could put this slander to bed. I guess the democrats aren’t racist even though they supported southern bigots for many decades and had a Klan senator and voted against black freedom so much that even Martin Luther King was a republican….But Obama makes that all better. Obama is not a bad man, but he isn’t a good president, either. And all the cries of bigotry in the world won’t fix that.

      • garycooper says:

        The GOP could put the smartest, most well-qualified black man in the country on the ballot, and Libtard Nation would have him painted as a traitor to his race, and a
        “house-n—–,” before sundown. The presidency of Dubya showed how they treat blacks who dare to leave the donkeys.

    • Overlook says:

      Executive Summary:

      Social rankings are, from the bottom up:

      White conservatives.
      White professors.
      Black professors.
      Black community organizers.
      Black communities.

  26. garycooper says:

    We simply must have Lewd-Boy’s true facts, regarding his education and current employment status. I’m willing to bet there’s an abyss between his internet-myth and real life that would give Evel Knievel pause, before he attempted to leap across on his rocket-powered motorcycle.

    In lieu of the truth, we will continue to marvel at the wild inconsistencies between his sophomoric ranting, and the usual mien of even the younger, less-experienced associate professors we’ve known and loved. Or hated. Lewdy makes them all seem like Oxford dons, while he plays the bitter janitorial role of Matt Damon. Only dumber.

  27. snowcrash says:

    Who has the Bieber fever? LOl

  28. I have to say, the amount of stupid idiocy crammed in one sentence is quite an achievement. Bravo!

  29. westerncivisheretostay says:

    “Some of these objectives include removing corruption from the face of earth and spreading the Islamic authority all over the world. The obligation of Jihad will only ever cease being a duty when Jihad’s true purpose is realised, that being the complete control of the whole earth such that not a single hand-span is left which is not under Islamic rule or by struggling ones utmost to accomplish this. Only when this has been done, does the obligation of Jihad cease since the Muslims have tried their best to realise its aims and objectives[.]”

  30. Formercorpsman says:

    Narcissism peaking now.

  31. King Minos says:

    Lance Murdock :

    I have to say, the amount of stupid idiocy crammed in one sentence is quite an achievement. Bravo!


  32. Loodie's assless chaps says:

    So, is it true that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is now under the wheels of the LGF short bus?

  33. sacred ham says:

    Yeah, they really don’t like black people over there, especially smart, independent black women.

  34. sacred ham says:

    One of the loozards linked to a story about what’s really going on inside Mooselim schools in the UK (basically what you’d fear – teaching kids to hate infidels). This lead to the following comment from Killgore:

    Sadly there are no credible voices left to raise the alarm. It’s nice that the MSM is covering it but all the bloggers have sided with the EDL and Geert Wilders.

    So WTF, it’s just assumed that Ponytailed Avenger won’t “raise the alarm?” Why, because he’s skeeeered that someone will lump him in with Wilders?

    And then they all quickly went back to talking about who played live at the Grammy Awards. Bizarre.

    Of course, if it had been a story about some school in the US teaching creationism, they would’ve lizard-swarmed it, and Chuck would probably have a new post about it on the front page within half an hour.

    • Loodie's assless chaps says:

      Charles felches Islam while hiding under the bed from some poor schmucks who think Bishop Ussher knew the date and time when the world began.

      • sacred ham says:

        I always used to admire Chuck for having the balls to go up against the Islamos in a public forum, clearly making himself a potential target, along with people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer, etc. Now he opposes people like Pamela Geller and Glenn Beck. Just think, he’s courageously risking having the Mormons issue a fatwa against him. Yeah, facing down those evil conservatives must be the hardest thing he’s ever done.

    • Bagua says:

      LittleGreenFootballs dropped the ball on the Islamist threat. This is beyond dispute.

      Fortunately others have picked up the ball. Those others have an important voice, LGF has a widely mocked squeal.

      LGF and its 5,000 or so daily unique visits is a hollow shell of what it once was. At least half of those visits are folks fascinated with the train-wreck.

      • poteen says:

        That’s got to be why I keep watching.
        I know better but damn, I love trains.
        I checked out the puddle this morning while AMC was rerunning The Three Stooges. It was the one where they are nazi type characters like Hitler and Goering. I couldn’t help thinking which LGFer most closely resembled ‘Moe Hitler’ and ‘Curly Goering’. Too funny.

    • Overlook says:

      Aha! The ever-diminishing supply of “credible voices” is the problem. Whose are the voices that may be believed? The ones we can be sure are saying the truth?

      Some bloke called Charles Johnson obsessed with tracking himself by his own spoor.
      And an anonymous misogynist apocalyptic knicker-wetter and cyber-bully going by “LudwigvanQuixote”

  35. Butternutts Last Remaning Friend says:

    Butternutt found this letter crumpled up and stuck to a cactus just outside the swamp and asked if I would pass it on.

    14 February, 2011
    Dear Mr. Johnson,
    It has come to our attention that you or one of your reptiles recently made a foray to, not a “stalker” site but to the Mocker Site™ We feel it necessary to voice our concerns for the following reasons.
    1: We note that more and more, your reptiles are referring openly to the
    Mocker Site™, even going so far as to wave over the fence and offer “hugs” to long time

    2: We note that in the afore mentioned foray, a lame attempt was made at defending your recent
    efforts to redefine your core beliefs. (We found this to be ‘cute’ in the same way it was ‘cute’
    to watch “Bagdad Bob” tell us that there were no Americans in Iraq as Abram M1As rolled into
    town. You do remember that don’t you?).

    3: We note that some of your lizards appear to be entering some sort of “sentient puberty”.

    We offer the following recommendations.

    1: You must hold a Seekret Thread as soon as possible and instruct your reptiles that:

    a. You will no longer tolerate the lizard army (perhaps lizard ‘platoon’ would be more accurate) openly admitting that they even pass by the Mocker Site™ much less stop to read it. [For lizards that must pass by DoD on their way to working in the swamp perhaps you could offer a protective mantra like “Gaia is the mother god of the Earth; we are her messengers and DoD is a Gaia phucker].

    b. Waving and Smooching must end NOW! Friendships can only lead to your lizards wondering why they can only address old friends from across the wall and encourages reptiles to sneak out. Soon they will start to wonder why their friends would be banned if they snuck into LGF. We all know where that will lead. (One day they will sneak out and not come back. Freedom is a powerful thing and for the sake of LGF must be quashed at the first sign of desire or emergence).

    2: If you choose to return to DoD again or to send an emissary to protect what is left of your honor (which is looking as thin as the content of you web site these days) you should allow whoever you assign, to research who is here and send someone with greater than middle school debating skills. “I know you are but what am I?” or it’s equitant is poor form for ending an exchange. Perhaps Sergeant Romanov would like a night out, or KKKalegore Trout (we must insist that no racial epithets be used).

    3: Tell your lizard squad that if they comment on or even view DoD their IPA, Tax Payer Account Number, INS Case Number and the results of their most recent Aids Test will be gathered via the Boiler Room Crew’s™ own Super Seekret Correlator Tool (SSCT) and will probably be posted on some web site like Warm Atmospheres during the wee hours of the morning. We know this is bullshit but hey…with your killer programmer skills they’ll believe you.

    4: Don’t let the fact that Huff Po sold for so much money get you down. Sure you had a shot at that a few years ago but you are after all is said and done a jazz musician and how many of those do you know who can make good business decisions?

    You may be wondering why we even care. It’s simple. LGF is fast becoming the ‘go to’ place on the web when it comes to Pure Unadulterated Stupid Stupidity (PUSS). Between your work with the Memory Hole and the comments of the few lizards left, LGF provides countless hours of enter-tainment for so many people, it’s just sad that you can’t ask for everyone that comes your web site to use pay pall to keep you in Cheetos. Tell folks if they don’t hit the tip jar you ‘might not be here tomorrow.’ Its worked for you in the past.

    Argyle Farquad
    Representing Your Friends,
    Respectfully Offering Friendly Lessons On Avoiding Oblivion (ROFLOAO)
    KKKalegore Troute,
    Tentar ser originall

  36. Carolina Girl as Arachne says:

    Yeah, yeah yeah…admit it, HappyWarrior – it’s just jealousy on your collective parts over there. People are listening to Geller, Spencer, et al. They may agree, they may disagree, but they are paying attention.

    They are, without exception, neither listening to you or giving two shits WHAT you think.

  37. Nodrog says:

    Actually, Happy Warrior has hit the nail on the head. Thanks for bringing this to our attention King Minos. It shows that, while Charles Johnson is worthy of contempt, the political insights of his current sycophantic followers is much more perceptive than the idiocy that prevailed among Lizardoid Loserdom in years, and ideologies, past.

    • Whatever says:


    • yankintheeu says:

      This is why the left (including the Nodrog) has to be laughed at, rather than taken seriously at all. Your comment, like much of the left’s commentary on political issues, boils down to a pure ad hominem argument: ‘Anybody actively opposing militant Islam is a racist, a fascist, a Nazi, etc.’ I’m sure one of your classic moral equivalence tropes would be forthcoming if we continue this.