For What’s It Worth

Yenta-fada mentioned another stats-tracking website on The Blogmocracy. WebWorth has an Alexa-based calculator that provides a rough estimate of a blog’s worth based upon number of page views and advertising revenue. I decided to take it for a test drive. (You already know where we’re going with this, and I just heard someone say “Do it.”)

First, let’s look at the results for Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs:


Not too shabby for a relative newcomer on the political blogging scene. Whose site to check next, I wondered. How about Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch?


Nice. But then I was stumped. Which site to plug into the WebWorth calculator next? Dang. OH WAIT! I KNOW!


“So what’s the point of all this?” you ask. “Charles Johnson has already dismissed Alexa as an inaccurate web-stat tracker.” Since the LGF counter has already proven to be fraudulent, let’s compare apples to apples, i.e., Alexa to Alexa to Alexa. If all three have inflated statistics, they’re all likely to be inflated equally.  In this respect, Alexa is still a reasonable comparison.

The point is that both Geller and Spencer are doing much better than Charles, despite his [jealous] [smears] and [proven subterfuge] against them, and there’s a blog crawler that Charles hasn’t blocked yet. If he blocks this spider his advertisers’ ratings will likely drop further.

LGF is certainly a Fluke of the Universe.

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  1. Bagua says:

    Interesting… I just took a look at Atlas Shrugs Sitemeter it shows Page views at 26,004 average per day, which is 87% of the Alexia estimate. That is quite close as they may use slightly different algorithms.

    Notice also that Alexia is about 12% higher.

    Alternatively, the fraudulent “page views” on LGF are 83% higher for yesterday than the Alexia average. LGF claims 117,408 yesterdays against Alexia’s average of 20,342.

    Charles Johnson has been shown again to be a liar.

  2. The Thin-Lipped Moral Paragon™ says:

    Well $61.03 a day would be just about enough to live on if only I didn’t have those lifetime Jizya payments to CAIR!

    • Bagua says:

      That and $10 a month from a dozen of the psychophants could just about pay the rent I suppose. Perhaps leaving a couple hundred a month for food. Not bad for sitting on your butt all day cut and pasting links and riding herd over a couple dozen nitwits.

      Pam alternatively does better, has books to sell, and doesn’t need blog money to live on.

      Alternatively, Huffington Post, which was inferior to LGF back in the day just sold for $300 million cash and $15 million in stock. Compare and contrast! I guess there is not much money in being a paranoid libel blog bully these days. Go figure!

  3. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    Oh, and fatso and his few remaining cult members:

    Look at Ace’s value

    • beeduwine says:

      The lizards reply:

      “Who is Ace?”

      “Bullshit. Ace has no functioning site-meter. LFG does.”

      “Sure, but that is apples and pears: Ace’s site is a good site.”

      “Yes, maybe so, but they have not taken width and height into consideration: LFG hits is views times width times height. It is a more three-dimensional thing.”

      “You can’t measure value in money.”

  4. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    spam filter please.

    If not, I looked up Ace’s Site, and it’s waaay over fatso’s “value”

  5. Mandingo Warrior says:

    44K is too much. I might pay 100 for the popular domain name.

  6. Bagua says:

    Moderator: I have comment awaiting your approval!

  7. The Thin-Lipped Moral Paragon™ says:

    LOL. Lood assures his Floral Coffee Table that he’s got her back:

    “Oh honey you have my support all the way. If any of those creatures tried to do anything real world, I would fly out there right quick and you know it.”

    Such a gallant slut-shaming loozard! Srsly.

    • Bagua says:

      Hahaha! What a coward. Acting the tough guy on the internet, all while posting anonymously. Ludwig is such a riot.

  8. If all three have inflated statistics, they’re all likely to be inflated equally.

    Everyone not sucking up to him is unfair to Chunks, though. Who knows why?

    More seriously, sell, fatboy, if anyone will pay anything like that. You really think it’s going to be worth as much in a year, let alone five years out?

    Glen Davidson

  9. ISTE says:

    Due to a slight problem I had about a week ago it was accidentally proved that Charles Foster Johnson’s statistics are a fabrication, a lie, an untruth, a fraud.

    Next time we demonstrate this fact we will have a news crew filming it and several members of law enforcement and the IRS. Dan Rather will be coming out of retirement to introduce the show.

    The special guest will be Glenn Beck and his stunt frog.

    This will be fun….

    Charles, We Gotcha!

  10. Briareus says:

    It’s getting more difficult to read the threads over there. The quality of comments has devolved to the level of YouTube arguments about Justin Bieber videos.

  11. Nightwish says:


    (This is what the Boiler Room Crew do when nobody is around…)

  12. blogwarriorx says:

    Off topic,but…

    This guy got in touch with chuck through twitter.He has approached because he wants to paint his face.

  13. Bond says:

    These women could never get a job at Fox news because they have short dumpy legs.

    It is cool they can play music otherwise they would be just coffee tables and chairs…

  14. Heh- sure it’s highly speculative, but Zip still comes out ahead of the Johnson..

  15. garycooper says:

    Daily Kos Website Value: $637,735.00


    • The Thin-Lipped Moral Paragon™ says:

      I wants me summa dat queer libtard munny.

      • beeduwine says:

        Hey, you changed your nick again. Why not just use your old one, or an anagram of the old nick like “Carol Teethed” or “Leached Otter”?

  16. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    Shift change, see you all next time!

    Circles of the human chain.
    Turning for the wheels of gain.
    A system with a power of it’s own,
    to draw blood from a stone.

    Every hour like the last.
    Tomorrow like the day just passed.
    Baring down upon the flesh and bone,
    to draw blood from a stone.

    Own the sheets that never stop,
    even if a man should drop.
    Mercy never lets her face be shown.
    They draw blood from a stone.

    The Boiler Room Crew.

  17. Iron Fist says:

    Ha Ha!


  18. Hmm…..not sure what sort of metric they use, but ‘Dim’ JimHoft’s Gateway Pundit is assessed at over $117,000……

    Pajamas Media- $317,481 (PJTV Valued at another $31,962)

    Michelle Malkin- $217,019

    Hot Air- $610,745

    Big Government- $205,649 (with Big Peace fetching another $51,017; Big Journalism $86,972; Breitbart TV $227,681 and clocking in at $732,968)

  19. Lance Murdock says:

    For what its worth, according to the website, HuffPo is ‘only’ worth 18 million dollars: So we can discern that page views don’t necessarily mean monetary value. We can much fun of Chuck, but I wouldn’t say that this website is totally accurate. Also, the value of any item is in the eye of the beholder. Since LGF has meaning only to Chuck and 5 other people, the actual value is closer to one giant matzoh ball. 🙂

  20. PeteP says: has a list of the top political blogs according to the “number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs”. Atlas Shrugs is at 35 and lgf is right up there at…482.