[Guest Post: Swamprat!]

I never said St. Pancake! And you can’t prove I did. ’Cause… cause… well just nevermind why you can’t prove it! Oh. Well, I said it once and deleted it.

That vid showing the pagecount jumping 10 or more per view was faked! Until someone found out it wasn’t. Never mind that I posted a tech comment explaining that I had tweaked the javascript to show every thread on the front page as a “view”!

No one was ever banned for simply disagreeing with me… except for taxfreekiller and song-and-dance-man and mandymanners and several people who said they liked Rush Limbaugh on one thread and a guy who unfairly dissed a musican I am fond of and anybody who is a creationist, ’cause I disagree, and anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as I do about global warming, and though I have implied some pretty broad slanders against Christians in general and Catholics in particular I won’t tolerate any broadbrush anti-muslim sentiments and I don’t like specific, provable critiques either.

So I am completely fair.

Unless you blog at a blog I have blogged against even when I previously blogged in favor of those blogs. Anyone caught blogging at an abrogated blog will be banned, unless they are on a mission to racism bait, or troll. In that case they will usually get banned, unless I really really like them, and they generally keep within the lines and don’t stray.

But if you get banned, or flounce, or just leave, everybody knows you are simply a tribalistic racist.

(with deep and sorrowful apologies to Julie Andrews’ “Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious!”)

*Super Racist Tribalistic Ex L G F Stalkers!
Even though they’re really just a bunch of laughing mockers!
If you’re thinking otherwise, you really are quite bonkers!
Super Racist Tribalistic Ex L G F Stalkers!

(Feel free to add on!)

29 Comments on “SRTXLGFS*”

  1. beeduwine says:

    Did he not also ban a prolific poster for saying he found the content on The Premier Site For Political Discourse a bit thin?

    Most people would consider that to be mild criticism, but I do believe Charles filed that one under “hate speech”.

  2. beeduwine says:

    “Even though they’re really just a bunch of laughing mockers!”

    Most of us are blog-mock-rats.

    Pretty good, eh?

  3. nil says:

    Nice rhyme – you hit the meter perfectly IMO. That’s a record here I believe – parody a single meme in fourteen syllables.

    Great picture too – love the detail on the screen! There’s quite a collection, anymore, of art – in various disciplines – that serves to define Johnson, and I have to say I much prefer it, the art, to the original. Someday soon he may prove to be redundant to his own mocking.

  4. Doppelganger says:

    Since he changes his allegiances on a weekly basis, I can see how it would be quite difficult to be a commenter over there. I mean you never really know if your blog post on a “chuck approved” blog, will be a forbidden blog post come tomorrow.

    it must be very stressful having your whole cyber life in the hands of a fickle madman……

    and we know they have no live but LFG

  5. tunnelrat says:

    Love the picture of the fat walrus in orange overalls feverishly typing away on his keyboard. The only thing missing is his alarm-o-meter flashing red, alerting him of some terrible heresy against the cult which has just been detected on the blogosphere.

  6. beeduwine says:

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  7. Speranza says:

    beeduwine :
    Did he not also ban a prolific poster for saying he found the content on The Premier Site For Political Discourse a bit thin?
    Most people would consider that to be mild criticism, but I do believe Charles filed that one under “hate speech”.

    The classic LGF flounce!

  8. Crashnburn01 says:

    The flame serves such a multiple purpose: is it his server burning up? A flame war warming up? A bit of Cheetos produced methane gas (Global warming gas!) sparked to flame by an overheating graphics card?

  9. swamprat says:

    Nicely done. The art, the links, the background work you did to reveal pancake-gate and the pageview controversy.

  10. GrandJunctionite says:

    Liar liar orange jumpsuit on fire.

  11. sacred ham says:

    Charles sneering at people for “flouncing” is yet another one of his pot-kettle hypocrisies, given that he wrote that classic masterpiece of bitchy flouncing, Why I Parted Ways with the Right.

  12. Palandine says:

    I was not banned for anything I said on LGF. That’s why I know Charles is a stinking liar. I’m actually not sure why I was banned, except maybe that I commented on Ace of Spades.

  13. […] Johnson went on a rant about “stalkers and dimwitted creeps” – a rant thoroughly and hilariously mocked – and in the process, CJ linked back to a 2009 thread that included links to a couple of […]

  14. Rose says:

    I was banned for UPDINGING – a bunch of us in the Lounge one night UPDINGED Eric Cartman’s Conscience to try to get his rating back in the black – red attracted the GANGDINGERS, you see, and the guy didn’t deserve it.