Chuck sanity doesn’t stop his hypocrisy

Chuck has snapped out of his delusion and finally is thinking clearly. He states that a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would be a disaster.

However as you will see, the Muslim Brotherhood has supporters among Chuck’s Far Left readers. Jordash and Talkingpoint Detective are just 2 examples.

As of this writing supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are not being banned. This shows the hypocrisy of Chuck who bans anyone that expresses support for Conservatives like Glenn Beck. In the new LGF, One can support Islamic Imperialists like the Muslim Brother, but one can’t support The Tea Party.

This is just another example of Chuck’s hypocrisy.

Update: In Chuck’s defense, he has to allow Muslim Brotherhood supporters to post. If he bans them, he will have at most 6 readers left. So I will not judge him on this.


Chuck’s Ironic title

Talk about irony, the following title on Chuck’s latest post.

When Chuck tries explaining why his page count jumps, he makes it worse! He should either speak the truth or not be deceitful at all. He never sees the ironic in some of his post titles.