Tech Note: PageViews R Jacked

I thought it might be a good time for a nice fresh open thread while CJ figures out what the heck is wrong with his page view counter, and decides whether to own up to it, thank us, or accuse us of lying again. (or maybe 2 out of 3, or none of the above). And I bet everyone is wondering just how inflated the counters for every thread have been since the system went live last September, so feel free to leave any guesses.

Also, I’m going to introduce a screencap for what might become part of a new series from The Boiler Room (called “Creepshow”, “Blog of the Living Creeps”, or something). In light of recent events, this one seems to be fairly appropriate as a start:

hmmm…that wouldn’t have had anything to do with, ya know…..nah.

Reggie banned Open Thread

I banned Reggie/Lawrence/Zaphod after several attempts to reason with him. Despite my 3 year hostility with him, I really sincerely tried as a human to help him. He is under the delusion that Chuck is on a plot with him, when clearly Charles said he has nothing to do with him. Reggie believes that Bill O’Reilly is after him and that there’s a massive conspiracy behind these blogs. Instead of talking civil, he smeared me as an anti-Semite and launched personal attacks on many on this blog. Clearly he needs professional help and this is not a psychiatric ward. This a blog exposing the hypocrisy and mocking Charles “Icarus” Johnson.

I thank everyone for their patience, but I really wanted to help another human being who lives in a fantasy world. I did this post because I feel the readers of Daedalus needed to be told the reason for Reggie’s banning.

Note: I moved Chen’s post to 7:00 PM EST. Our both went up at the same time and I felt his was a better thread. I gave him the Prime Time spot.

Airing Out The Boiler Room

[Illustration courtesy of the Hon. Internet Septic Tank Engineer who, in quick response to recent requests for an image of Charles Johnson’s head on a pike, provided that graphic for all the honest and truthful bloggers of the world to enjoy, on his own dime and without request for recompensation.]

Anyone who’s been following The Diary of Daedelus knows that The Boiler Room Crew has been very busy these past few months, and now it’s time to give them a reprieve.  To be sure, they’ve passed a few messages up the seekrit shaft, yet they’ve never requested a break. They’re long overdue for shore leave.

Two home runs in the span of a pancake is above and beyond the call of duty in this reporter’s opinion. They’ve secured, hidden and camouflaged The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™, opened the blacked out windows and are airing the place out so it’ll be nice and fresh when they come back to tackle the next assignment in the hopper.

Congrats and Kudos, Dudos. You’ve caused jaws to drop in stunned amazement all over the internest.