LudwigVanQuixote Unleashed

Ludwig is back to his old form today! He has been pretty quiet since his return, but our favorite Scientist/Rabbi has come out swinging today!

Ludwig even does his Rabbi imitation for our amusement!

He then continues with his comedy routine.

Reggie maybe gone, but good old Ludwig is still around for our amusement!

Welcome back Ludwig we missed your comedy act!

(Hat Tips: GrandJunction and Bagua)


111 Comments on “LudwigVanQuixote Unleashed”

  1. Doppelganger says:

    There’s a new poodle in town!

  2. Formercorpsman says:

    I’m just sitting here laughing. Seriously. Long live Ludwig!

  3. Doppelganger says:

    —Ignorant racist “hicks”—–

    I love it when somebody attacks another group for being ” bigoted” by using a slur.

    well done ludwig. you tell those dumb southern white cracker redneck hicks. tell em boy!

    • stonemason says:

      but you don’t understand, they ARE hicks, ignorant, racist, crackers and whatnot (gutter-sluts too), so it is not a slur.

      Did I get that right, LV-Bigot?

  4. GrandJunctionite says:

    I’ve got my Ludwig fix. Bless you my boy.

  5. Whatever says:


  6. GrandJunctionite says:

    There is a bonus. If you click Luddy’s nic at the swamp it still takes you straight to the Fox News Sluts/”Fuck You Sideways Bitch” page.

    Iceweasel will surely appear soon to slap luddy around.

  7. Mandingo Warrior says:

    I can hear his megaphone through the comments. You guys were right, this guy is a real piece of work!

  8. coldwarrior says:

    i cant take this many lude’s clues fixes in one day! i’m gonna OD! 😆

  9. phoenixgirl says:

    i used to enjoy chatting each morning with wrenchwench…..

  10. GrandJunctionite says:

    For those that are interested in Reggies health and well being he is posting on his thread downstairs as Zaphrod.

  11. Roger says:

    Ludwiggedout? Two words: California’s Zimbabwe

  12. Charles wants a new gig says:

    Oh thank God. I’ve been jonesin’ for some real old hardcore Ludovico.

    Just keep him in queef and scare stories and he puts out like no slut I’ve ever known.

  13. song_and_dance_man says:

    I want to thank Foster for banning right at the threshold when his blog started it’s slide Left then south.

    /Hi Foster *waves*

  14. Whatever says:


  15. phoenixgirl says:

    well…..he’s one messed up person……

  16. Charles wants a new gig says:

    Come up off the dead thread, Reg, and dish on Ludwig for us. Please?

  17. Restoras says:

    Well, he certainly didn’t learn anything while on sabbatical. What a waste! He still doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about!

    On the other hand, at least he is back and providing us with thigh-slapping hilarity.

  18. GrandJunctionite says:

    That Reggie. He sure can de rail a good Ludwig thread.

  19. Charles wants a new gig says:

    I love how Lewd pretends not to know what the “stalkurrrz” are up to.

    He can no more stop himself from reading us than the sun can decline to rise in the east.

    Maybe a reprise of my translation – from Lewdphemism to plain English – of his “back in town” speech is in order?

    Just for yew, Lewd:

    Hey all! I’m back after a bit. [I had to take a vacation on a closed ward where the electroshock elite meet.]

    Some questions answered if curious [some bold faced lies for the algebraically challenged among you]:

    No, I am not dead. [That’s just a case of hospital pallor and anal prolapse.]

    Yes, I had a misunderstanding that escalated into some unfortunate posts with some folks here. [They totally misconstrued the words “gutter sluts” and “whores” as something other than scientifically accurate taxonomy, the fucking cunts.]

    No, I am not angry about it. [Obviously if anyone is going to be angry it should be me. Do you know how long I’m going to have to drink Crappy Bear malt liquor 40’s while I’m paying off my fucking coinsurance bills? Plus Miss S. left me when she misconstrued what I wrote. But I’m not angry as long as I take my Thorazine and keep my conscience dreaming journal.]

    No, I was not staying away because I was angry. [I was staying away because they don’t allow laptops on the closed wards, and anyway I was too full of happy thoughts from group therapy to worry about revenge. That’s about to change, though.]

    Unfortunately, all of that happened right before a Shabbos followed by an intense period of travel and work. [Would I lie to you? I will, because I know people here will take their cue from Charles and welcome me back even though everyone knows I never once let anyone beat me in debate or have the last word before. Shit, I used to post here on Shabbos under a sock because the world needs my wisdom 24/7. Now I’m going to sort out the bitches, hoes and newnouns for real. As for the “work” part, the local community college says I can’t return to my Advanced Crotch Grabbing course until I get a mental health clearance, the synagogue has issued a restraining order, and Wendy’s isn’t hiring, so I guess for now I’ll continue my series of lectures here on “Global Warming In Pre-Exilic Meggido” and “Talmudic Takes On Slut-Shaming: Little Foxes In Pirkei Avos.”]

    Anyway I’m back. [Until the Weasel gets a wiff of me.] I missed a lot of you. [The rest of you are evil and should be displayed in cages.]

    • GrandJunctionite says:

      I’ll admit, you’ve got talent LOL.

    • wolfie says:

      Sheesh. You’ve got some mad translating skills there! 😆

    • Beeduwine says:

      Funny. Well done.

    • I posted an asinine test. Judaism 101 stuff to see if Ludiot was actually Jewish. Had I been chalanged in that way, my answer would have been screw you, I knows what I am. Ludiot actually took the test within a minute or two, and posted his answers on lgf. What a dope. Yes, he reads this site, and judging by his reaction time, I would say probably more often than those of us who post regularly here.

    • Formercorpsman says:

      I can’t help it, I’m laughing my ass of at that. (hospital pallor and anal prolapse) I have tears in my eyes.

    • Bagua says:

      Quite hilarious. Two thumbs up!

      Ps. It’s conscious dreaming.

  20. wolfie says:

    Actually, the comment Chucky made, quoted in #34 above, is pretty funny:

    “Eliminate education and social programs, eliminate all foreign outreach, and keep military funding at its current levels.
    Sounds like a recipe for eternal war.”

    By “education” I assume he means federal spending and the DoEduc, which we nicely managed to do without for 200 years. We hardly had any federal “social programs” until the New Deal, gave very little “foreign aid,” and the military absorbed a MUCH higher percentage of federal outlays. Yet there was no more war back then than there has been since the New Deal era.

    Chuck is leaping over stages of ratiocination like a frog.
    A boiled frog. 🙄

    • The Osprey says:

      You said frog!

    • westerncivisheretostay says:

      “[E]liminate all foreign outreach, and keep military funding at its current levels.
      Sounds like a recipe for eternal war.”

      Oh, how evil! Strong defense and no more defacto tribute to foreign despotates!

  21. buzzsawmonkey says:

    I love how the Lewd Wig utters categorical statements that have neither factual nor logical underpinning, yet pretends that he is dealing in fact.

  22. Crashnburn01 says:

    Oh goody. A relatively stable nutbag!

    A question – how would AGW only affect America into a collapse, Luddy?

  23. Doppelganger says:

    Call the dog catcher : Ludwig Van Newpoodle is unleashed!

  24. The Osprey says:

    With inspiration from Tom Lehrer and his Werner Von Braun song…

    “Der Global varmings ist comingk!” says Ludwig Von Crank
    “Die See it vill rise und die Land it vill sank!”
    “Billions vill die und der bodies vill stank!”
    So says Herr Doktor Ludwig Von Crank!

  25. buzzsawmonkey says:

    Charles wants a new gig :
    Because true believer counties will be spared, obviously. Sheesh.

    Is Lewd Wig part of the plague of lice, then?

  26. Whatever says:


  27. Mandingo Warrior says:

    Guys, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Think of Ludwig like Moses warning Pharoah of God’s impending punishment.


  28. Stillactive says:

    between now and 2090 BILLIONS are going to die!

  29. thomasrhymer197 says:

    Reading Ludwig’s forays into insanity makes me think of the paraphrased Master Yoda quote: “Up Shut The F*** You Must!” Wish I still had the photoshop of it.

    I also believe that he has a 72″ HDTV just so he can chronicle all the vile and salacious ways the the evil seductress at Fox News attempt to send his poor deranged mind those nasty, nasty subliminal messages. “Eat more chicken!” “Wash behind your ears. Eat At Joe’s.”

    Sad, but fun to observe from a long distance.

  30. Nodrog says:

    I don’t know if a website can be considered to have improved its quality if all the right wing loons are replaced by a new gang of left wing loons.

    And Ludwig Van Quixote looks to me to be a classic left wing loon.

  31. Charles wants a new gig says:

    As somebody pointed out downstairs, one of Lewdie’s adorable verbal tics is the pious omission of the letter “o” from the word “God”.

    Yep, he’s all rabbinic and Talmudic and shit, so when his Tourette’s kicks in and he starts cursing the assfucking Crappy Bear guttersluts from Fox, well, YHWHdammit, you won’t find a lowercase o anywhere in between a G or a d.

    Because he’s fuckin’ righteous that way, and that’s how the motherfuckin’ righteous man G-d d-mned r-lls.

  32. GrandJunctionite says:

    Seekrit Private up thread at the swamp. That can’t stop the BRC Chuck.

    • Charles wants a new gig says:

      Check to see if they talk about Reggie, who is seriously wiggin’ downstairs, talking about going to Tampa and then L.A.

      It is creeping me the hell out.

      • livefreeor die says:

        He’s disappeared from the thread below. I would really like to know what they’re saying at the swamp about him. He clearly thinks he’s in league with them on pulling some massive hoax on us.

  33. Voltaires Crack says:

    The funny thing about old Lewd is that, if you didn’t know better, this was a Republican-controlled government. Instead, we have a D President, a D Senate, and until a short while ago, an R Congress.

    Who exactly is Old Lewd mad at?

    Does he not understand the basic arithmetic (not even algebra) of our government?

    He couldn’t be so isolated from facts, could he be?

    • westerncivisheretostay says:

      Any Teabag Party presence is a grave pollution, a fitnah. Only an unreasonable soul doesn’t concur with this sentiment.

      • Voltaires Crack says:

        I get that, but from his loony words, one would think that the R’s have been running things for years.

        He’s starting to sound like a (God forbid), old codger kind of progressive, no?

  34. thomasrhymer197 says:

    In regard to loons, why is it that ghost hunters, UFO people, crop circles and the Yeti crowd always backs away slowly when the 9-11 conspiracy; global warming is a fact crowd shows up? Fact is Dylan Avery and the farking crap throwing monkeys at 9-11 truth whatever the hell it is this minute make me want to puke.

    “OMG! the evil white man wants to reenact the crusades!!!111 Georgeie McBush-Hiitttler-Haliburton, and Dick $heny’s Death squads are exterminating the noble, peace-loving members of hamass and the taliban. Here we are, hog-tied by both the republicans (who for the most part would lose to the durned frenchies, and the lardawful demon rat cowards, who want us to grab ankles and relax so it won’t hurt when we get butt-boned.

    The US Armed Forces are trying to drag a stone age society to at least a medieval time frame. A society that believes in honor killing and farking young boys in the ass! But don’t worry folks, after all goreball worming will kill us all! Whoop-te-farking do.

    To think that we nearly had Albert “termite infested driftwood” Gore as our president.

    I weep for our future, because right now? We don’t have a good one.

  35. westerncivisheretostay says:

    Charles wants a new gig :
    And if you have a problem with that, you’re a Crusader-Islamophobe!

    Look, if you refuse to return Hungary and Sicily and Bulgaria and southern France and Ethiopia and Russia to Islamic Rule, then you’re a Crusader-Islamophobe-ZioNazi-Racist!

  36. westerncivisheretostay says:

    Voltaires Crack :
    I get that, but from his loony words, one would think that the R’s have been running things for years.
    He’s starting to sound like a (God forbid), old codger kind of progressive, no?

    It’s a conspiracy whose existence can be demonstrated empirically.

  37. Charles wants a new gig says:

    By the way, if anyone ever asks me why I abandoned LGF, my chief reason would have to be that a ranting, logic-free, hysteria-peddling, malicious, evil-tempered wannabe Commissar like LVQ can earn bigger updings than The Thin-Lipped Moral Paragon™ himself for queefs like the first screenshot above. It’s now up to 24. And his #3 has 28. This is a serious potential Stalinist we’re talking about, and on Chuck’s blog he is considered a guru.

    There is no debating in that atmosphere.

  38. Carolina Girl says:

    livefreeor die :He’s disappeared from the thread below. I would really like to know what they’re saying at the swamp about him. He clearly thinks he’s in league with them on pulling some massive hoax on us.

    I saw you trying to reason with Reggie, and I fear it’s falling on deaf ears. I’m a little concerned about the travel plans. I wonder if his reality is that Charles banned him as part of an elaborate plan. He’s coming across to me like those who continually misinterpret reality (and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the disorder). You know the condition -those afflicted will see a receipt from Starbucks and see a love note; buy themselves presents and convince themselves that it really came from the object of their affection. When he finally realizes it’s no joke, that Charles really has banned him (not to mention that SpaceJesus isn’t going to come to his defense), that reality break may be complete.

    I was reading it for awhile, but I’m getting to close to the point where I wish I could go pick Reg up and check him into a hospital.

  39. Carolina Girl says:

    Whatever :That’s the story of Passover, right out of the Torah. The believer countries are passed over by the Carbon Malach.

    Thanks a lot. You just made a french fry come out my nose.

  40. Palandine says:

    Wow, the shallowly educated stupid, it burns.

    Why don’t you try this, Lewdie?

    The government goes back to doing what the Founders intetnded for it to do–those very few things the states can’t do for themselves.

    People suddenly get to keep scads of their own hard-earned money. They invest it. Freed from a lot of stupid over-regulation that even Obama mocked last night, businesses have the capital and freedom to innovate. If they show avarice or harm the environment, consumers will vote with their feet and pick another business that is in line with their beliefs. Parents with extra money now can afford to send their kids to private or parochial schools, which forces public schools to either improve their standards to compete or disappear. Massive numbers of the poor don’t have to be government slaves anymore–living in government housing, buying food with government money, getting government medicine–because there are now jobs for them to do, a way to build pride. The American public, already far more generous than the American government in foreign aid, has even more money to give, money that won’t be wasted through endless middlemen but will go to tangible products on the ground. Young and middle aged people will have money to invest for their retirements, rather than having their money confiscated now for a program that will be long broke before they can use it.

    And maybe that’s wrong. So, we have the Founders’ original plan–50 states, each different, each with a different way. If California thinks the way to go is a massive government, massive regulation, massive infusions of confiscated money sent as foreign aid out of the state, and masive bureaucracy, let them try that experiment on their own people. If it brings happiness and prosperity, the other states will emulate it. If not, it will fail and collapse.

    *Note: it won’t bring happiness and prosperity. If you want to see what the glorious Democrat vision is, unburdened by any influence from the evil Republicans and teabaggers, look at Detroit. They’ve been living the dream–a land without conservatives– for more than 50 years. I hear it’s lovely.*

    To sum up–returning to the Founders’ intent would be a rebirth of this country. We’ve forgotten what it’s like not to have the government shackling our every move. The freedom would be a revelation.

    …and AGW is a tiny problem on our vast planet, Lewdie. Stay awake at night worried about your ignorance for all of your education. Don’t lose a wink over a fraud.

  41. thomasrhymer197 says:

    To westerncivisheretostay:

    I hope my previous comment was not taken the wrong way. I was making fun of the left and the fact that if you are a leftist or muslim you can do no wrong. To give you some background; my father was stationed in Libya at the old Wheelus Air Base for 18 months from 1964-1966. When I was older I asked Dad about the places he had been. He would always shake his head about Libya. A few of his stories:

    The king gets a brand new state-of-the-art airplane. Then the seats are ripped out and it is used as a flying goat mobile.

    The locals who worked at the mess hall and would run outside to bow to mecca at the appointed worship time while G.I.s waited for food (had to win hearts and minds you know).

    Seeing a convertible with two men and a sheep in the front seat and females forced to sit in the back seat like second class citizens. There are other things I could mention, but do not feel it would be appropriate to talk about.

    I choose not to capitalize the words muslim, mecca or medina, after learning far more than I ever wanted to know about islam and its sick ways on 09-11-2001. As for global warming, a communist is a communist. (Even if it is a watermelon. Green n the outside, red on the inside.)

    Again, I apologize if I sounded bitter or sarcastic in my previous post.


    • Bagua says:

      No way mate, you were great. People just love to make puns here and the mood is irreverent. We get all serious and political like over at the blogmocracy.

  42. Mark says:

    The typeface all of sudden became really small and light for DoD. How do I adjust it back to normal?

    • grandjunctionite says:

      Your post looks normal in explorer. Someone else had problems today running chrome. Everything is working fine here.

      • Mark says:

        Yeah, I’m running chrome. I just went to firefox and that’s fine. Something strange going on with chrome I guess.

      • grandjunctionite says:

        Chrome went wonky when they took down the husky blogger and added the boiler room crew. Don’t know why. something with the size of the gif.

    • Mark says:

      OK fixed it. Something caused the zoom ratio in Chrome to change. Back to normal now.

  43. grandjunctionite says:

    The sooper seekrit thread at the swamp just hit 5000 views LOL.

  44. Charles wants a new gig says:

    So, Charles.

    One of your third-tier lizards wigs out in public and has to be banned.

    In desperation at the sudden loss of contact, he comes to the dread blog of the evil ultra-haturrrz, because plainly he’s cut off from IRL friends and must express his florid psychosis somehow, somewhere.

    And what sort of reception does he get?

    For the most part, people are genuinely concerned. Even the ones he spent all his time at LGF maligning, with your tacit approval.

    What, meanwhile, is your take on all of this, on your seekrit privy lizards-only thread (which is an open book to us)?

    The Thin-Lipped Moral Paragon™ sez:

    “I would counsel against too much sympathy.”

    Would you indeed, you dickless, soulless fuck.

    If you were on fire, many would counsel against pissing on you to quench the flames; yet most here would probably even run for clean water, a blanket, and a doctor.

    You bitch’s bastard.

  45. garycooper says:

    I found a way to solve Lewd’s AGW problem, while saving the fossil fuels from extinction and driving real fast in a cool car, which will impress Miss S:


  46. Dave says:

    That Reggie guy is really out there…More issues than a news stand, poor fella.
    I like this site, I have to say I get a kick out these blog wars in a twisted sorta way.

  47. wolfie says:

    Whatever :
    He’s a physics professor at … college.


  48. Princess Natasha says:

    Yeah, go Loony Lood! He is back, and better than ever. Pure comedy gold.