St. Pancakes taste great

In honor of Chuck admitting he used the term St. Pancakes!

Chuck you finally were honest! You loved that St. Pancakes before your conversion to the Left! We are happy to have made you speak the truth!

(Hat Tip: BuddyG)

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  1. Charles wants a new gig says:

    The simple fact, Charles, is that you rode to popularity on a wave of people who thought the “term” in question was hi-hi-hilarious. Not that there’s really anything wrong with making fun of useful dead idiots like Rachel Corrie, her atrocious parents, her unfortunate schooling, her confused cause, and the morally bankrupt people who continue to profit from her untimely squishing. See? I’m doing it myself. 

    The problem is, it became inconvenient to you in your new role as an exponent of bien pensant NPR-style flaccid liberalism, but instead of apologizing, you think it’s enough to ban all your old drinking buddies, clean the place up a bit, air it out, repaint the walls, and claim you were never into beer bashes. Thing is, the old friends remember, and the neighbors still can’t forget the late-night police visits that woke them up. 

    A move to another state, a name change, or massive facial reconstruction surgery might improve your chances with the right sort of people. But then you’d have to start from scratch. Best to pretend none of it ever happened and hope for a better class of members at your roadside-bar-turned-country-club. 

    How’s that working out for you, by the way?

    • F says:

      SChmuckie is acting like the book publisher, censoring Huck Finn. Trying to hide a very UN PC past.

      Well it ain’ta gonna work, dumb ass.

  2. avideditor says:

    what is wrong with the term? I think it is one of the best things that deranged lunatic came up with.

  3. coldwarrior says:

    F :
    Just like the infamous Dan Rather Bush National Guard Memos. SChmuckie took the work of others and acted like he was the sole person who did the leg work.

    that cant be stated too many times….it wasnt chuck, it was others. i was there for it.

  4. Tastes great! No substance filling!

  5. Daedalus says:

    F :

    Just like the infamous Dan Rather Bush National Guard Memos. SChmuckie took the work of others and acted like he was the sole person who did the leg work.

    He also claims he defeated Dough Hoffman in NY-23.

    • F says:

      SChmuckie has made a lot of claims that have later been proven to be fallacious and utter outright deceptive lies.

      Changing one’s opinion is one thing, but outright lying about what had been said and done in the past is beyond the pale.

    • Hmm…so that must be Virginia and New Jersey we have Governors McDonnell and Christie. Because Chuck just knew that a sparsely populated congressional disctrict in Upstate NY was the last redoubt against the encroaching AGW denier/creationist/Flemish menace….the entire states of Virginia and New Jersey were mere pawns in his game.


      Game. Set. Match.

      /Well played, Johnson

  6. F says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :
    As I posted in the fact check thread, “hobgoblin” was the first to use “St. Pancake”, and CJ effectively christened it the next day.
    Further proof of the “christening” will be presented tomorrow.

    Exposing SChmuckie’s unpleasant past he is so desperate to hide.

    The humiliation couldn’t be happening to a more deserving liar.

  7. Nesoi says:

    coldwarrior :
    there it is. the quote of the year

    Yeah – dat is true.
    And Dark Falcon dumped/blocked me on Twitter!
    I’ve been jilted!


  9. jd says:

    Charles is crashing just like Dan Rather

  10. Opilio says:

    Is CJ really trying to use his artificially bloated “Page View” stats in this spat? He believes his own lies.

  11. Bagua says:

    Having received a slap down here for his pathetic troll attempt… Reggie is in full troll poodle mode back at LGF, were he feels safe and powerful. He is trying to imitate the socioweasel

    Arf… arf… arf…

    235 Reginald Perrin Sat, Jan 22, 2011 9:21:32pm

    re: #195 rwmofo

    A lot of you lefties are definitely consistent. When short on substance, commence with the insults.

    What is it that you think you and your kind are achieving?

    Or is this all about butt hurt over your kind losing the blog.

    If it is so awful here, what makes you stay?

  12. Bagua says:

    330 Reginald Perrin Sat, Jan 22, 2011 9:52:50pm replyquote

    re: #322 albusteve

    Why can’t you answer the question Steve, you called me a poodle, whose poodle do you allege me to be?

    Walter ain’t here to help you, is that why you’re stuck for an answer?

    Maybe the better question is whose poodle are you?

    Reggie the attack poodle. Abusteve is just ignoring the ankle biter.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      You’re a poodle.
      I’m not a poodle. Who’s poodle am I? You’re the poodle.
      Am not.
      Are so.
      Am not.

      Gaahh. So glad I’m not there anymore!

  13. Kos Laughs At Chuckles says:

    The “out bots” are trying to go after Patterico’s job

    • Chucky's Pink Douchebag says:

      Seems rather unprofessional for a lazy welfare deadbeat to be on the internet 24/7 instead of looking for a job.

  14. Bagua says:

    Poodle stalker troll attacks. Arf! (is ignored, heh.)

    348 Reginald Perrin Sat, Jan 22, 2011 10:03:50pm

    Since Steve won’t answer the question , the answer is obvious.

    Steve was trolling for Walter, which is just dripping in irony.

    Do you deny my allegation?

    Or are you going to do the usual odomitr thing and ignore an sincerly asked question.

    I ask politely the first two times and it fell on deaf ears. why are you the one who can make an accusation and never ever back it up.

    Why did you call me a poodle?

    Why did you complain that I mentioned the fact that Charles was being stalked by Eric Odoms old trolls?

    You have got a lot of explaining to do.

    375 Reginald Perrin Sat, Jan 22, 2011 10:26:36pm replyquote


    You can’t make this go away, these are serious allegations I am making.

    It isn’t stalking if you refuse to answer a question that was asked civilly, and I refuse to drop the issue.

    In the reality based universe, things do not go away just because you survived the thread.

    Clearly having a manic episode. Everyone survives his attacks. He’s no iceweasel.

    • Charles wants a new gig says:

      Oh, my. Serious allegators! Better call in the crack forensic specialists at Wease and Lewd, LLC. (Don’t let them charge you full price for Jimmah, Reggie – he really just makes the coffee.)

    • Whatever says:

      Serious allegations of cyberstalking!!!

      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  15. Nesoi :
    @Lizardoid I thought you said you were blocking me. But you can’t, can ya, ya self-absorbed narcissist?
    43 minutes ago via Seesmic twhirlRetweetReply

    DAMN……you could feel that through the internet, couldn’t you? We need a foley artist or something to make thos smacking or punching sounds at the appropriate time.

  16. Internet Septic Tank Engineer says:

    can we have a little bit of quiet up there? Some of us down in this shit hole are looking for a dictionary. We had it yesterday and I am sure someone put post it notes in all the pages we needed to reference but we lost it.

    Sunday is our day off, well, to be honest down here we are multi-ethnical (where is that dictionary) and because of that the only day we really work is Thursday afternoon.

    We were going to put together a word pussle (where IS that dictionary!) for anyone wanting to relax and for those who want a break from all this Twitter stuff.

    Or we could do kittens instead, or both!


  17. Charles wants a new gig says:

    Anybody ever try reading LGF on a smartphone? 29 newnouns could die of herpes in the time it takes to load one of the Great Coder’s overdeveloped, underwritten pages.

  18. For your Saturday night enjoyment:

    • Whatever says:

      Which reminds me. There’s a whole nuther series of posts on “Loves a Good Fisting” down there somewhere. Right next to the S&M.

  19. Charles wants a new gig says:

    Reginald seems to have noticed that that Weasel and Lewdwig are no more, so he angles for the currently vacant position of LGF morality policeman. He’s literally begging Charles to anoint him. His first target: Albusteve. “This isn’t going to just disappear, Steve. I have the power to banish you to the roof of Orthanc until you submit to the Islam of LGF.”

    Except you don’t, Reg. Even Charles is ignoring your embarrassing little power trip. Get over yourself, Blogwart.

    • Stillactive says:

      They are more fun to watch than colliding ant farms.

      • Charles wants a new gig says:

        LOL. And now the three-in-the-morning loozards are actually complaining that people here have too much time on their hands. Not an irony meter among them.

        For the record, guys: people who complain about what other people do with their time are frustrated fascists.

        I guess that’ll change when the FEMA camps go into business, right, Blogwarts?

  20. Sociofartic Butt Hurtt says:

    Meanwhile in just a few hours.

    Bedroom. Pitch black except for the sodium vapor light slipping through the slit in the curtains, laying harsh and heavy on orphaned Cheeto strung across the cheep nightstand.
    Chunk bolts upright. Nightshirt drenched: “AAAAIIIIEEEEE! NO! NO!”
    A voice. Source invisible from the other side of the bed: “Baby! Whoa…? There. There. It’s OK. It’s just another one of those bad dreams.”

    Chunk shaken: “They were there again. This time I was behind the desk, not under it. They were there to pick up another payment for the server. They wouldn’t even look up at me…just had their hands out.”

    The milk-toast-jaundice arm drapes Chunks shoulders. Creepy consolation: “You mean…”
    Chunk: “Yes. The DoD Boiler Room Crew.”
    Voice: “Chunk. This is killing you. Just put them out of you mind.”
    Chunks voice on the verge or cracking: “You think I don’t try? It’s like the Brady Bunch song. Over and over and over, on and on and on, time after time, after time, drip, drip, drip….”
    Interruption. Voice soft and sad: “Like Geller, Geller, Geller or tweet, tweet, tweet.”

    Snake strike. Quick. The crack bounces off the walls. Roaches skitter. Soft sobs.
    Chunk: “Now look what you made me do.”

    Chunk lays down, his back to the Voice. The bodies spoon.
    Voice: “I love you Chunk.”
    Chunk: “Go to sleep KKKalegore.”

    Bedroom. Pitch black. A man bolts upright. Tee shirt drenched “AAAAIIIIEEEEE! NO! NO!”
    Voice: “It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s just a dream. Same one?”
    Man: “Yes. But this time I was just watching.”
    Voice: “That’s sooo coool.”
    Man lays back down, his back to the Voice. Bodies spoon.
    Voice, softly: “I love you Dork.”
    Man: “I love you too ShitCat. Now go to sleep. I’ve got to work in the morning.”

  21. Mandingo Warrior says:

    Cj is a world class loser beaming to you from a small apartment complex on the West side (only with rent control). I came and saw what I wanted.

    If he still has a blog in a a year I will care. I have a feeling “” will be for sale soon. Screen grab it. 🙂

  22. Charles wants a new gig says:

    In Reginald’s wee mind, an insane question that is asked “civilly” must be answered, not ignored, on pain of – what, exactly?

    Alas for Reg, Charles does not seem in the mood to force Albusteve to submit to leftist NKVD interrogatories.

    Sorry, Reg. CJ just can’t afford to lose any more regulars. Sux to be you.

  23. blogwarriorx says:

    Chuck & his pancake.

  24. Charles wants a new gig says:

    Lest we forget, Rachel “Roadkill” Corrie once won the LGF Idiotarian of the Year Award, a festive event for which Cox & Forkum created this cartoon:

    I’m sure Charles was deeply offended by her winning The Fiskie, though, and agonized deep in his heart over whether his personal moral code could tolerate showing an image of her getting SQUISHED ALL OVER AGAIN by the democrtatic vote of the Lizards.

    It’s tough being the moral beacon you are, Charles. There, there. Your pudlicker and personal taintwasher Reggie knows. Dear, dear Charles.

    • Charles wants a new gig says:

      And here, for the record, is the LGF thread in which the Flat Bitch got her award:

      Notice the comment by Lizard in Good Standing “Shiplord Kirel” in which he calls Corrie a “murderous status seeker and terror slut”. Wow. Makes “St. Pancake” seem like a term of endearment, doesn’t it?

      Of course, I’m sure Charles was in mortal agony of soul over the brutal ravings of his Lizards at the time, but what could he do? They FORCED him to let those comments stand and even to praise that horrible cartoon. He was HELPLESS to do anything but watch in pity and terror.

      Yes, ‘taint easy being a moral paragon.

    • Iron Fist says:

      I thought Reggie was Chuckles’ resident fluffer. Has he got a promotion? I don’t keep up with who’s fucking whom over there in their pathetic little circle-jerk anymore…

  25. JohnsonEsque says:

    Comments on here from his October Guardian article.

    October 15, 2010 at 11:28 pm | #18 Quote
    16 October 2010 4:18AM
    Of course, one is free to make up their own mind.
    It’s a fact that Charles Johnson has deleted numerous old posts and comments from his blog– hiding the same opinions he now labels “bigoted” and “hateful” and perpetrated by the “right wing” if made by others.
    He’s deleted old posts that were extremely critical of leftist websites such as the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, the Guardian along with others. In those days many of the people who wrote on those websites were labeled “bigoted,” “hateful” etc. These people he now courts as reasonable and kindred spirits because they now suddenly share the same opinions. Will the real Charles Johnson please stand up?
    He claims that Pamela Geller “posted more than 6,000 comments at LGF in [his] earlier days, when [his] comment moderation policy was much more laissez faire than it is now” as if to imply Mr. Johnson disagreed and was appalled even back then with all that Ms. Geller said. Ignoring that he was once her “blog daddy”!
    Did you read that number? 6,000?! Yes, he let 6,000 supposedly hateful comments on his site and yet, he implies that he disagreed with all of them all because he had a laisseiz faire posting policy. He then tries to claim that he threatened to ban people that used the term “St. Pancake” but yet never once mentions that he ever threatened to ban Ms. Geller during at least her first 5500 posts. Amazing.
    Of course I’d like to know that this LGF Dictionary that Mr. Johnson now renounces as if he didn’t agree with it. Again implying if there was anything in that dictionary that would “smear” him today, he “didn’t [technically] write it” and thus supposedly disagreed with it. Believable? You be the judge. He didn’t write “St. Pancake” ever?! But was responsible for dozens of posts ridiculing her death and her families’ efforts to blame Israel and Caterpillar. If Charles now seems to be so sensitive to this young dead lady, why did he “stalk” her and her family for years with critical blog posts?
    I’d like to also know who came up with the constant “Religion of Peace” posts about Muslims? Who coined the term ROPMA, for “Religion of Peace my ###” Who wrote the “Palestinian Car Swarm” posts that implied that the Palestinians were animalistic and didn’t care for human life because they were Muslims.
    Charles just didn’t change his opinion, he tries to whitewash his previous extremist rhetoric. He wrote hateful things about this newspaper and yet now is welcomed as if he was on their side all along.
    And finally, I’d love to see what former Arab News writer John Bradley has to think of the new and improved Charles Johnson. I also know that Dennis Prager and Victor Davis Hanson are disappointed in ever having associated themselves with Mr. Johnson. But at least he has new friends here at the Guardian as long as they ignore his previous hateful comments about their newspaper.
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  26. nil says:

    OT – has RP figured out who the DoD’s deep LGF source is or something? He’s going after Walter hard – Walter who just ‘happened’ to be incommunicado ‘in Paris’ when all the pancake stuff went down? I have no idea, just that RP has made threats before, and ultimately delivered (eg wrecking the DoD polls). Claims he’s going to reveal all very soon? Weird drama.

    • Charles wants a new gig says:

      Link? I don’t feel like wading through the entire Village of the Johnson Fluffers just now.

      • It’s the current (overnight) thread. Mr. Perrin is rather unhinged right now, and making quite the assortment of fanciful claims. There’s too many to link.

        Takin it just a tad bit seriously, esp. odd since all this st pancake stuff has nothing to do with him.

      • Whatever says:

        Having a meltdown a la Ludwig? When’s the “sideways” comment coming?

      • Charles wants a new gig says:

        He really, really, really wants to be the new Weasel, but he doesn’t even give good Jimmah.