2010 DoD Awards Ceremony

The votes have been tallied, and it is time to present our winners with their awards!

Dark_Falcon, “Most obnoxious sycophant


Cato the Elder, “Best Flounce

Charles Johnson, “Greatest display of Idiotarianismishness


2010 DoD Awards Voting: The Irish Rose

2010 DoD Awards Voting: The Buzzsaw

2010 DoD Awards Voting: Greatest Display of LGF Idiotarianismishness, the Runoff!


Update: We do have one honorary award to hand out to CJ and LGF, from The Boiler Room crew:

We can’t imagine life without it.

DoDleaks: (Original) Snapshot of an LOIC Attack

Remember that supposed DDOS attack on LGF from a few weeks back?  (we put up a couple of threads about it, too.  See here and here).  It seemed to occupy the swamp for the better part of the day, and while the speculations were flying,  the Grand Lizard climbed out from under the hood of the Little Green Machine and posted a thread that claimed to contain a snapshot of LGF’s error_log:

Now, I’ll admit that I don’t know what to make of all that, and all those dates and IP addys don’t really interest me that much.

What is interesting, however, is the fact that we were provided evidence from someone of very high status within the lizard kingdom that the image posted there is actually an altered version of the error log.  

Again, I don’t know what it means or why it would have been altered, so if anyone cares to shed light on that, the original version is here, and the new altered version that appears on the site today is here.

And, in the spirit of visual aids and document analysis on LGF, The Boiler Room has provided a “throbbing memo“.

Update:  It appears that CJ spent some time on this, and was torn on what should appear on the front page for his thread, as we have it that there was another “blurred” version of this image that was out there at one point.  Here it is.   The throbbing memo for this one:

click to enlarge