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(Hat tip: Village Idiot’s Apprentice.)

Wait, Did CJ Mock Someone About Deleting Comments?

I bet some of you guys/gals are wondering why we waited a week to mention that CJ turned off the archived comments again, right? No? Well, there is a method to our madness around here, and the reason we mention it now is because we saw an opportunity, and we were hoping that he’d turn them back on again once we posted something about it (he does this in an attempt to make us look silly, and we think it’s adorable). You see, the blog warriors here at DoD form an elite team of kung fu masters, and an hour or two is all we really need (as expected, those millions of comments are now blocked again).

Anyway, here’s what came up:

What followed was a video that was interesting, but as CJ said, kind of inconclusive.  I was just going to shrug my shoulders and move on, but then we got this:

Oh poor CJ, victim of such malicious mischaracterizations!  I’m not sure who has used that Church Lady argument, but I think it’s worth taking a closer look at this idea that all the deleted comments are a result of CJ is just “moderating” his blog.  We know that every blogger is going to delete trollish comments every so often.  I’ve done it on my blog, and I think we’ve done it here.  But in the case of LGF, we’ve noticed a few things that appear to go above and beyond simple moderation.  Way above and beyond, actually…

 First, thanks to Charles’ predictably spiteful behavior, we now have our own visual aid:

No, that’s not a photoshop.  In fact, there was a lot more of them (35 I think), but I couldn’t fit them all into a single screencap.  Don’t believe me?  Well, go ahead, check it out:

Oh wait, I forgot, they’re blocked!

Should we rest our case?  Not quite yet…

You see, unlike CJ, we have a pretty good idea of the total [deleted] count.  By Boiler Room estimates, there is actually somewhere in the neighborhood of 300K [deleted] comments (yes, that’s three hundred thousand) on LGF.   That number in and of itself should raise an eyebrow, but consider that these presumably “obscene, abusive, silly, or annoying” comments have an accumulated karma score of ~120,000 (yes, that’s positive karma)*.   I mean,




Now we can rest our case.

*Total [deleted] = 296,163

zero karma comments = 240,874 (153,771 pre-karma era)
positive karma comments = 49,018 with +140,719  total karma
negative karma comments = 6,271 with -20,580 total karma


The overnight thread at the swamp featured an inordinate amount of discussion about DoD (and Barrett Brown in particular), so I thought I’d post couple of examples up. First, from our old pal Killgore Trout:

Now, there’s nothing on this blog that features any claim of being a “true conservative” site that I’m aware of (especially not to the extent that quotation marks like that would be appropriate). This is an anti-LGF group blog, and for the most part, the cast looks past each others’ political differences.  In addition, KT is certainly misrepresenting what Barrett posted, and I don’t recall feeding anti-global warming threads to anyone (Where? I’m gonna need some help on that).  In fact, there’s so much straw and silliness in this comment that I couldn’t help but dig up this vid.

Next, we have Jimmah, who may win the PIMF award for 2011 (although it is early):

Raise your hand if you think that Jimmah is just jealous first, and completely missing the point second.  No, the “funny” is that lizard butthurt was the intended outcome of those karma threads, so….gotcha!  Not to worry though, Jimmah, as The Boiler Room has located your top karma comment of all time:

How fitting.