LVQ Returns!

Apparently coming off a month-long bender, and blowing through 72oz of hand lotion and 160GB of Tivo’d Fox News broadcasts, LudwigVanQuixote returns!

There is great jubilation in the lizard kingdom.  Heck, CJ was excited enough to stutter:

And Jamesfirecat did, um, what he does:

We’re saved!!!

UPDATE by Jordan Duram: Indeed we are. Here’s his return comment:

And we missed you too, Ludwig.

DoD Twitter Roll Call

As the title implies, I’m just getting an idea of which of our readers have twitter accounts.  Why?   Well, there’s some power in those tweets, especially in numbers.  For this blog, using the system increases the chances of something posted here going viral, and spreads the LOLs to the world.  We’re givers, you see, and we’re not asking for $10/mo.  It also allows us a little more weight to throw around if we want to engage in the battles of the twitterverse.  And it’s a handy tool for general stuff, too.

So, if you don’t have a twitter account, it is easy to get one.  Just go here:

Go ahead and use the tweet button at the bottom of DoD articles:  (if you aren’t logged in, twitter will prompt you to do so; takes a just a few seconds).

Feel free to insert hashtags and mentions into the tweet.  Popular hashtags for our blog war would be #LGF , #lgfpages , #tcot (conservatives), #tlot (liberals).  Popular mentions would be @lizardoid, @blogmocracy, @chenzhen, etc.  

And with a cool new feature here on DoD, we are able to insert twitter functionality into our comment section.  It’s super easy.  If you spot a worthy tweet:

Copy the url in the timestamp (red arrow; for this one, it is!/RabbiShmuley/status/25328547904094208), and paste it into the comment form.  It will turn out like this:

The result is a live twitter interface, right in our comment section.  Neat, huh? 

CJ’s been especially busy these days, hurling his childishly contrived little green tweets at others with increasing frequency.  With these tools, it is simpler for us to react, engage, and/or play a spoiler role if we chose to do so.  Like Digg, this is a battlefield that is open and neutral, and there is no ban stick.

LGF Karma Hall of Fame: “MandyManners”

Moving forward with the series, featuring comments ranked higher than CJ’s all-time high of 69

Electrocution Warning to Lizard Lurkers: The karma you are about to see is at a level that is well beyond your wildest upding fantasies (given the haggard state of LGF), so try not to get any drool or spooge on your laptop, OK? Diary of Daedalus is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries which may result (directly or indirectly) from viewing the following karma score.

Early 2009 seems to be the golden age for LGF karma:

From the thread:

Status of Lizard: Blocked

All-time karma placement: 4th (Tx2)

Worth noting:  Nil and the Boiler Room crew found that MandyManners used a variation of this sentence in 51 posts spread over about 15 months, resulting in a cumulative karma of 1270!   However, the karma did appear to decline over those months, as indicated by this graph (we like graphs):

Twenty Below Z-Row

Most of Charles Johnson’s comments, whether on topic or not, and regardless of whether they have more than one or two words, get rave reviews with the sycophantic updingers. Some of Charlie’s greatest hits include: Good Grief, *Facepalm* and the ever popular GAZE.

When was the last time anyone saw Charles get downdinged? We mean, really, really downdinged, like -30/+10?

Check it out.

Wow, you say. So who downdinged the Great Green One, you ask?

Check it out.


Amazing. None of the 10 lizards who updinged CJ are still there, and 29 of those who downdinged him are gone as well. There’s only one lizard who dared to downding Charles who wasn’t banned and didn’t walk. Who was it?

Check it out.

[Credits: All screen shots above are courtesy of The Boiler Room Crew.]