Logic 101, with Professor Johnson

The comment section of LGF has been especially entertaining over the past few days.  CJ and the cult have been desperately reaching for anything they can to pin the “right wing” label on the Giffords shooter (to the point of being duped by photoshops in the process).  And today, CJ pegged the FAIL meter:

ummm….wait a second.   The alleged shooter apparently liked the books, but CJ’s implying that the conclusion isn’t correct because, in his case, he… didn’t like them*?   Correct me if I’m mistaken, but it looks like CJ tried to school someone on logical fallacies by unwittingly delivering a better example.   Yes, a true non sequitur.  Too funny (in a head shaking kind of way).

Unfortunately, there aren’t any lizards left in the swamp who would be brave enough to point this out (they’re too busy giving him karma points for it), but we get the hint that CJ realized his mistake rather quickly with this backpedal:

OK, the difference in concept between “reading list” and “favorite books”  notwithstanding, this is a little better.  And although I’m sure that CJ would be singing a different tune if the guy had listed an Ann Coulter book or two, the next logical question would relate to which sources one can glean a person’s political orientation from, correct?   This is what the LGFers have been falling on their faces and spinning themselves in circles trying to grasp the whole time (see: registered (I) = right wing).  So, we’re back to square one again.  Quite entertaining, indeed.  

Hey lurkers- Has anyone pointed out that the guy was wearing a Slipknot shirt in one of his photos?   There could be something to it!

Anyway, I eagerly wait for a lizard to stop and ask what the point is.   I mean, what if it comes out that the guy tunes in to Beck every day?  Or Maddow?  Or ….Little Green Footballs?   What if he plays Modern Warfare on a PS3?   Would it really explain a rampage like that?  Of course not.

*CJ’s lack of coherent political philosophy is evident to anyone who has read LGF for a few years.

Chuck believes he’s on the same level as a Congressman

The Jazz Man wants to impose a gun ban of 1,000 feet from all individuals. He is upset that Peter King is proposing this ban for politicians. We can debate the merits of this bill, but Chuck clearly feels he’s entitled to be protected.

Chuck really is delusional. Does he really believe he is so important, that he needs protection and no one can have a gun 1000 feet of him?


LGF Karma Hall of Fame: “Occasional Reader”

Moving forward with the series, featuring comments ranked higher than CJ’s all-time high of 69

Electrocution Warning to Lizard Lurkers: The karma you are about to see is at a level that is well beyond your wildest upding fantasies (given the haggard state of LGF), so try not to get any drool or spooge on your laptop, OK? Diary of Daedalus is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries which may result (directly or indirectly) from viewing the following karma score.

Featured today is a comment from 2009, from “Occasional Reader”:

From the thread: littlegreenfootballs.com/article/34265_Obama_Plays_a_Race_Card_from_the_Bottom_of_the_Deck

Status of Lizard: Blocked

All-time karma placement: 16th (Tx4)

For more on Occasional Reader featured at DoD, see:  Saturday Night Screencaps

Into The Spudfryer: The Devo of Chuck

Amazing what an algorithm can produce when properly wielded by The Boiler Room Engineers. Click on either image below to enlarge.

In summary, LGF has gone from about 2,000 unique nics down to 250. (Echo Chamber anyone? Hello? Hellooooo?) To make matters worse, many of those 250 are likely socks from here and across the internest.

Does anyone (including you lizard lurkers) still wonder why the updings and downdings have dwindled? Karma’s at a premium at LGF these days, and everyone knows that Karma’s a NEWNOUN.

Charles, if you were smart, you’d stop wasting time chasing spooks and worry about your ideology instead. After all, the latter is what’s caused LGF to drop into irrelevancy. Please don’t go away, because we love you, man.