Pop-Ups Again? Seriously?

Oh fer gosh sake, do I need to revisit this?

Apparently I do, ’cause the little bastard actually made it through this time on my home PC upon my last visit to the swamp, which tells me that the once-condemned sneaky pop-up has perhaps been enhanced to sneaky pop-up version 2.0.  And as long as it made an appearance, I figured that I should capture this bug for my screencap collection (call me a cyber-entomologist):

Have things gotten that dire, CJ?

LGF Karma Hall of Fame: “jorline”

Moving forward with the series, we’re going to feature the comments that score higher than the Grand Lizardoid’s greatest effort (which, as far as The Boiler Room can ascertain, is 69 karma), as it is the benchmark for true lizard excellence…

Electrocution Warning to Lizard Lurkers: The karma you are about to see is at a level that is well beyond your wildest upding fantasies (given the haggard state of LGF), so try not to get any drool or spooge on your laptop, OK? Diary of Daedalus is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries which may result (directly or indirectly) from viewing the following karma score.

Today’s feature is a comment from 2009, from “jorline”:

From the thread: littlegreenfootballs.com/article/32503_Inauguration_Day_2

Status of Lizard: Blocked

All-time karma placement: 4th (Tx2)