2010 DoD Awards Voting: Greatest Display of LGF Idiotarianismishness, the Runoff!

It became pretty obvious on our first go round for this award that there was some ballot stuffing going on.  Just look at the results:

Someone had a busy afternoon, and evening, and morning!

Because of this, the executive decision was made to toss out the fraudulent SpaceJesus result, and have a special runoff vote for the two netizens who ended up being tied for second.  These polls are so much fun, and we should make sure that the best lizard gets this award named after them. 

This time, I’ve set the poll cheater settings to their most restrictive, as the multiple votes are now blocked by cookie and IP.  I’ve decided to leave the results viewable, in the interest of full disclosure.

So, let’s meet our two finalists one more time, shall we?

  In LudwigVanQuixote‘s long, deranged essay he calls the women of Fox News “gutter sluts”, for using the power of their boobies to promote their evil propaganda. 

   Charles, for seeing neo-Nazi symbols in the Tennessee state flag.

LGF Karma Hall of Fame: “me”

This will be the first in a series of threads where we feature the very top “karmafied” comments in LGF history, and see if they provide clues that may tell us what the heck makes the owner of this site so screwed up and his community cult so dysfunctional…

Electrocution Warning to Lizard Lurkers:  The karma you are about to see is at a level that is well beyond your wildest upding fantasies (given the haggard state of LGF), so try not to get any drool or spooge on your laptop, OK?   Diary of Daedalus is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries which may result (directly or indirectly) from viewing the following karma score.

First up is an older comment from “me”:

From the thread: littlegreenfootballs.com/article/27837_WSJ-_Those_U.N._Super-Sleuths

Status of Lizard: Blocked

All-time karma placement: 16th (Tx4)

Update:  The person who does not read this blog and hasn’t been here in months has done something rather curious: 

Gotta add that memory hole tag again, I guess.

(Hat tip: trebob)

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