2010 DoD Awards: CJ’s Best “Farewell”

Original DoD Artwork: Bunk X

We all know there have been countless quiet “stealth” bannings throughout LGF history.  That alone speaks volumes, but it’s those in-your-face announcements of lizard deportation that are more revealing, and one of those things that makes LGF so unique in the blogosphere.

The engineers in The Boiler Room have discovered many dozens of these parting quips scattered throughout the archives.  They’re everywhere.  And, after the review, one gets the impression that CJ really enjoys the feeling of wielding the ban stick.  There’s just a little too much glee involved.  But I think the motive underneath the power trip is ultimately the desire to keep the members of the lizard cult in line.   And as we’ve seen, no level of contribution to the cause or sucking up can shield a lizard from it in the event they upset the sensibilities of the Grand Lizardoid.   

 (The folly in all this, of course, is if you keep casting out and demonizing those who are brave enough to tell you that you might be wrong, you’re more likely to keep being wrong.)

Anyway, here are our 10 top picks for 2010:

(Hat tip: antilgfwarrior.)

DoDleaks: Killgore Trout’s Hot Air “Experiment”

I was digging through some of the file folders on my VAIO, and came across a couple of interesting pdfs that I had totally forgotten about.  Since the subject comes up every so often, I figured that it might be a good idea to publish Killgore’s middle-of-the-night stunt, in its entirety:

killgore trout pg3

killgore trout pg4

(I apologise that I don’t recall who passed these along to me, so if any of you remember, please comment so I can update the thread and give credit where it is due.)

Eat your heart out, Assange!

Update: There is some speculation that Killgore may have been drunk or otherwise intoxicated when this event occurred, and with the belligerency of the posts and the late hour I suppose that fits.  I’ll just add some other evidence that this wasn’t a calculated “experiment”, and there may have been a comment in that Hot Air thread that set KT off on the rampage: